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My internal soundtrack – Externalized

It seems like my mind keeps churning along when I am running.  I found my outlet for these thoughts when I made this blog.  It is kind of cool but now that I have to think about it I always have an inner playlist in my head.  Sometimes it gets stuck on one song and one line in that song. 

The best part is (or worst) is that I have that internal playlist going on when I have a totally different playlist on my MP3 player going simutaneously.  I will be hearing some rocked out song and that keeps me going while I could just as easilly have another song going on in my head.  It can be unerving and then my random thoughts or the precursors to my furious prose can be milling about in my brain.

All of this can cause me to loose focus while I run and I can start to slow down like Windows Vista.  If I were to have super power it would be a green power.  What do I mean.  I can save the planet by not using up any batteries for my MP3 player.   I would turn my ears from microphones to speakers.  That way I could play my internal playlist for all to enjoy.  Wouldn’t it it be cool to see all other runners around me rocking out to High Octane Salvation by the Dirt Bombs, Running Thoughts by Deerhoof or some other fantastic song?

I wonder if anybody will notice if they are not hearing all the right lyrics.