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Over/Under: Its a gamble how my foot strikes

So here I was at the runners world web site thinking that I may want to send a shout out warning about the Brooks Trance running shoe.  I have warning that all should hear.  I know that Runners World is the forum for this but then I see it.

Pronation, Explained

Okay, well I thought I overpronate right.  Lets just confirm this.  Well that starts the problem.  There are these videos and some explainations.  I am into it and here is the first one.


Well, it is all and good.  I am looking at it and I think this could be fun and then the next one strikes. (all puns intended)


And to round it out Underpronation.


Now which am I.  Well this is the conundrum I am under.  All of these fine videos with explanations and the like and yet I am unsure what is what.  Sure I examine my stride as I run.  As a matter of fact I have pictures from races that show how I strike but my problem is that I do not strike heel first and role to the toe.  I am a toe stiker.  I have been since my track and cross country days back in high school.  It just feel right and everytime I try to heel strike it jars my legs, hips and entire body.  Lets just say it feels wrong. 

Well since this stuff cannot be totally translated I will have to use my amazing power of deduction.  After looking at the videos I do not over-pronate which would suggest that I roll from out to in too far.  As a matter of fact I do not even pronate.  As my foot strikes on the outside I tend to stay there and toe off from the out side.  It even shows in my shoe wear pattern. 



The outside is worn and the inside is barely touched.  So really when I get new shoes I only need a two tire change and not all four.