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“Home”At Last

Don’t get excited, not that home. But home to the Jefferson BMT Unit. He’s even in the same room!

Unfortunately, to make the transfer, he needed to be put on the ventilator again. He just wasn’t stable enough any other way, and even on bipap he was on the maximum oxygen settings.

I met him down at Jeff quote he got a lift in a helicopter. (He was not pleased that he wasn’t going to be awake to remember the flight.) All his numbers have improved once he got settled in, and he even woke up enough to communicate a few times.

They’re still trying to figure out what triggered this episode, and have run a slew of tests so far. He needs to stabilize a little more before he can go for a CT Scan, which his pulmonologist thinks is crucial. Hopefully he’ll be able to go down for that in the morning.


Same shite, different day

So, we’re at the hospital again. Sats were low this morning after some anxiety. He was able to hold off a full-blown panic attack, but he just didn’t recover enough on his own.

But there are some different things this time. We wound up calling an ambulance due to his oxygen requirements and went to the nearest hospital, a new local non-teaching hospital.

At this point, he’s neither sick enough nor healthy enough to be transferred to Jefferson. Giving him diuretics seems to have helped his breathing some and had definitely reduced some swelling in his hands.

So now it’s just a waiting game. Hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

Stay tuned for more in the continuing saga that is Duff.

Home Sweet Home

If you’ve been checking Facebook, then you’ve probably seen by now that Duff’s been released from the hospital. He’s doing well and recovering at home, working with home PT and a visiting nurse. First outpatient doctor appointments are next week, so that will give more information about plans for the future.

Keep checking Facebook, because he’s been very active and I’m sure he will continue to be as long as he’s feeling ok.

Stay tuned for more.

Escape plans

Still doing good, good enough that they’re again talking about discharging him. He needs to get physically stronger then he’s out the door. But if you know Duff, he’s got one foot out the door already.  : )  As of right now, escape is planned for no earlier than Wednesday, provided that certain conditions are met.

Until tomorrow. ..

The good days continue

Duff wants to say Hi to everyone, and mentioned that he loves having visitors.  Which is good, because today was filled with visitors for him.

They haven’t been able to turn the oxygen off completely yet, but it has been turned way down, and gets turned up slightly when he exerts himself.  He’s been having some new issues peeing (had some different ones before), but he and the medical team are working through them.

He’s actually been doing so well that I’ve been able to go back to our standard routine for when he’s in the hospital: I get Saturdays off and don’t have to go in.  He’s been so sick up to now that this was my first Saturday off during this stay.  Then today, I just did a “drive-by” to drop off some clean clothes and comic books while picking up laundry on the way to a fraternity meeting.

He said that the doctors are working on an “exit strategy”, otherwise known as a discharge plan.  It would have to involve PT, since he is still very weak and is going back to the hospital gym for the first time in over a week tomorrow.  Hopefully it will work out this time; they were talking discharge a week ago and we’ve swung wildly to both ends of the spectrum since then.

Signing off for now.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

Just a Quickie

(This was from yesterday, 3/18/16.  Unfortunately, I had posted it from my phone and it went up on the wrong blog.  Oops!)

Just a quick update for today, mostly because there’s not really much to report. Things remain pretty much unchanged since yesterday. Slight movements in oxygen flow, minimal adjustments in meds, but nothing substantial.

Overall, another good day.

Until tomorrow. ..

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today was a really good day for Duff.  He’s sitting up, awake and has been in the chair for over 8 hours.  He worked with physical therapy (PT) today and wanted to push himself harder than I would let him.  He hasn’t had to use his pain button at all today, and has been thoroughly drained thanks to Lasix.  He’s been so energetic that he even had to write something down in a notebook for an invention and had my father order some chemicals to be able to start it.

He’s been talking the nurses’ ears off, almost at a manic level, covering all kinds of topics ranging from superheroes to politics to surgical procedures.  He was able to get cleaned up, and was able to work the phone well enough to call me to get my help figuring out which soap to use from my toiletries bag.  (The nurses think he smells pretty now!)

The other HUGE news is that his oxygen requirements are WAY down today.  He went from having his oxygen drop really low any time he took his mask off to being on 5 Liters of regular flow with sats holding fine no matter what he’s doing.

Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.  But I also know how quickly things can turn.  So let’s just say I’m cautiously hopefully, but not holding my breath.

Until tomorrow…