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It’s Me

Hi I am Rachael’s Daddy. I am an R&D chemist from Virginia (Tech) but I have been landed in the Greater Philadelphia area. I used to run competitively in high school till an injury to my hips sidelined me for several years. Lately I have had to overcome a nasty smoking habit and found that my love for running has never subsided. A couple years ago I started off on a treadmill and worked my way outside to a small 2 mile race. I have not looked back since. In those years I have kept running through several half marathons and 26 marathons and ultramarathons  . Of course I have a wonderful daughter Rachael who is showing some interest in swimming but not running.

In 2012 I was given the worse news I could imagine.  I had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  Much like the marathons and training involved in getting to those marathons I knew I was going to have a long hard road.  I knew I could make it and beat the heck out of this thing and get back to my daughter and running.

The treatments have done their job and I am on my way back.  Unfortunately, they took their toll and I am now starting from way further back than when I started running again.  But the detour has ended and I will get back to the good ole days.

Any how, I found that my running is a time for training and concentration but since that fails to occupy my mind I tend to wander where ever the mind may go. It is kind of awesome and one of my favorite things about running but not the only favorite. Either way, that is me and Go Hokies.


One Response

  1. you inspired me to take a second shot at blogging:


    BTW, I run with the Rebel Runners every Thursday, they are quite the bunch!




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