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Well, Here We Go Again…

So, if you saw my Facebook post yesterday, Duff made his way to the ER.  But this time was different.  Yes, he went to the nearest ER by ambulance, but this time he could breathe.  Instead, this time he was having severe abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and basically any kind of gastric distress you can think of.  The ER docs weren’t able to do much, but were able to give him Morphine to take the edge off the pain and Zofran which didn’t get rid of the nausea but maybe calmed it a little bit.

Tests showed free fluid in the belly, but no obvious point of origin for it.  His blood counts were out of whack, but they’ve been that way for a while.  His white count was pretty high, so it looked like he could have an infection, and his platelets were really low but not low enough yet to where his doctors usually transfuse.  He was also really dehydrated but they didn’t want to give him anything by mouth in case he needed any invasive procedures later in the day.

Duff wound up getting transferred to Jefferson by mid afternoon, so he’s now all settled into the BMT Unit with the medical professionals who know him best.  They repeated some tests when he got to Jefferson, which showed that his platelets had dropped even more and he was now spiking really high fevers.  His heart and respiratory rates were up, which they figured was most likely due to a combination of the fever and pain, but luckily his oxygen sats remained steady and looking good.

The Jefferson docs decided to wait to see what would happen overnight based on repeat ultrasound results, so surgery and other invasive procedures were put on hold.  He was allowed to try some small pills and liquid meds, which he was able to take down ok, but he had to be watched carefully because he couldn’t sit up well due to pain and was at risk for aspiration.

Now, being Duff, he got miraculously better overnight.  He’s definitely not 100%, but he’s leaps and bounds above where he was yesterday.  He’s back to giving coherent answers and actually answering questions correctly (when he heard some of his answers from yesterday he was very confused as to why he would have given them because they were completely false).  He still has some pain, nausea, and general gastric upset, but it is not severe like yesterday.  The transfusion helped hold his platelets higher, and his other blood counts are more normal.  Some of his other numbers are still off, and they have to be very careful with his fluid levels, so they’re watching things closely.

He plans on sleeping today, but he’s already looking so much better.