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A Miraculous Recovery

So today, Duff’s up sitting in the chair, entertaining like he wasn’t intubated just yesterday.  He’s having some minor issues, but nothing that isn’t being managed fairly easily.

The doctors are trying him on a different steroid.  His pulmonologist had the idea last night that he might not be absorbing the oral form of prednisone correctly.  That would be why he improves every time he gets into the hospital and receives IV steroids, but gets worse at home.  So he got switched to Solu-Medrol today, and we’ll see how that works.

He needs to finish a course of IV antibiotics (which will be soon), get his blood pressure stabilized so he can get his A-line out, and make sure he can pee on his own while keeping up with the lasix.  He will be working with PT and his nurses to get moving again, and should be going to the PT gym in the next day or two.

At this rate, he will probably be going home by the end of the week if he doesn’t experience a sudden downturn.

Let’s see how this plays out…


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