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Well, That Was Fast

So, I walked in to the BMT Unit today at the same time as Duff’s pulmonologist to have him tell me that they had him on a spontaneous breathing test this morning.  I confirmed just what that meant: that they were trying to extubate him today.

If you ready my last post, you can imagine how this threw me for a loop.  Yesterday the care team was talking about extubating sometime this week, and today I walk in to them trying.  Well, I come to find out that it was a surprise to other people even in his care team.

They extubated around 12:30pm, and as of 3:30pm when I write this he’s doing OK.  He’s really groggy from the sedation but starting to come around more.  He will answer questions and is starting to talk, and usually makes sense when he does.

Hopefully the progress will continue and we’ll have some (relatively) smooth sailing from here on out.


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  1. YAY!!!! That’s my Duff! So happy to hear this news!


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