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A Quick Update Because…

There’s no real changes to report.  Duff is still intubated.  He’s doing well on it, and his oxygen requirements continue to decrease.  Most of his numbers continue to get back to where they should be, or at least where they were before he was admitted.

The doctors still don’t know what caused this sudden downturn.  They don’t know if it was some kind of bug, retaining too much fluid, or something else entirely.  So they continue to treat him broadly, covering him for everything possible.

The only thing that hasn’t gotten back close to normal yet are his blood counts.  For some reason, he’s not maintaining his hemoglobin like he normally does, so he’s needed more blood transfusions than usual.  The doctors have some ideas about what may be causing this, and it is probably something as simple as that they’ve started giving him more meds by IV, but they’re still working on sorting that one out.

The docs have just started to talk about extubating, possibly sometime this week.  PLEASE don’t get overly anxious for this; I know it is always the goal to have Duff off the vent and back to his usual smartass self, but we want to make sure his body can handle it first, especially his lungs.  It would be worse to have to reintubate him than to leave him on for an extra day or two.

He’s been handling the vent fairly well this time.  He is pretty calm when sedated.  He does wake up occasionally and get agitated, but can be reorientated to his situation and calmed down relatively quickly.  He was a little more agitated today than he had been so they added another med, but they also removed one, so it evens out.

Hopefully, things will keep going this way for the near future until the docs decide to move toward extubation.  So, for the time being, no news is good news.  I will try my best to update here, but I may occasionally miss a day or two.  (While things are calm, I’m trying to catch up on the other jobs that need done, like laundry and bills. 🙂 )

Until next time…


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  1. hugs and prayers continue to be sent your way


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