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“Home”At Last

Don’t get excited, not that home. But home to the Jefferson BMT Unit. He’s even in the same room!

Unfortunately, to make the transfer, he needed to be put on the ventilator again. He just wasn’t stable enough any other way, and even on bipap he was on the maximum oxygen settings.

I met him down at Jeff quote he got a lift in a helicopter. (He was not pleased that he wasn’t going to be awake to remember the flight.) All his numbers have improved once he got settled in, and he even woke up enough to communicate a few times.

They’re still trying to figure out what triggered this episode, and have run a slew of tests so far. He needs to stabilize a little more before he can go for a CT Scan, which his pulmonologist thinks is crucial. Hopefully he’ll be able to go down for that in the morning.


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