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The good days continue

Duff wants to say Hi to everyone, and mentioned that he loves having visitors.  Which is good, because today was filled with visitors for him.

They haven’t been able to turn the oxygen off completely yet, but it has been turned way down, and gets turned up slightly when he exerts himself.  He’s been having some new issues peeing (had some different ones before), but he and the medical team are working through them.

He’s actually been doing so well that I’ve been able to go back to our standard routine for when he’s in the hospital: I get Saturdays off and don’t have to go in.  He’s been so sick up to now that this was my first Saturday off during this stay.  Then today, I just did a “drive-by” to drop off some clean clothes and comic books while picking up laundry on the way to a fraternity meeting.

He said that the doctors are working on an “exit strategy”, otherwise known as a discharge plan.  It would have to involve PT, since he is still very weak and is going back to the hospital gym for the first time in over a week tomorrow.  Hopefully it will work out this time; they were talking discharge a week ago and we’ve swung wildly to both ends of the spectrum since then.

Signing off for now.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings…


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