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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Today was a really good day for Duff.  He’s sitting up, awake and has been in the chair for over 8 hours.  He worked with physical therapy (PT) today and wanted to push himself harder than I would let him.  He hasn’t had to use his pain button at all today, and has been thoroughly drained thanks to Lasix.  He’s been so energetic that he even had to write something down in a notebook for an invention and had my father order some chemicals to be able to start it.

He’s been talking the nurses’ ears off, almost at a manic level, covering all kinds of topics ranging from superheroes to politics to surgical procedures.  He was able to get cleaned up, and was able to work the phone well enough to call me to get my help figuring out which soap to use from my toiletries bag.  (The nurses think he smells pretty now!)

The other HUGE news is that his oxygen requirements are WAY down today.  He went from having his oxygen drop really low any time he took his mask off to being on 5 Liters of regular flow with sats holding fine no matter what he’s doing.

Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.  But I also know how quickly things can turn.  So let’s just say I’m cautiously hopefully, but not holding my breath.

Until tomorrow…


5 Responses

  1. Hang tough, Duff!


  2. Omg Great news!! He was texting me today too so he was obviously very energetic today! 😎


  3. Yay Duff! So happy to hear some good news!


  4. Yes! So happy to hear! Go Duff man Go!


  5. Keep fighting ♡♡♡


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