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Hurray for the PCA!

The PCA has been great!  Since getting it yesterday, Duff hasn’t had any panic or anxiety attacks.  It does leave him sleepier than usual, but he’s able to move around more in bed without too much concern.

His sats do continue to drop but he doesn’t seem to be as effected when they are low as he has been recently (Yay PCA!).  The winning combination right now is VapoTherm and non-rebreather (face mask) on the oxygen from the wall.  He keeps the cannula from the VapoTherm on at all times, then can remove the non-rebreather mask to eat, take pills, talk, etc.  He usually switches over to BiPap at bed, which also holds his sats OK.

The docs are still trying to figure out why he made the sudden downturn over the weekend.  The echocardiogram came back normal, and the CT scan looked no worse than the last.  We’re still waiting on a doppler to rule out a pulmonary embolism (PE), but they think that’s unlikely.  They did start him back on diuretics today, and he always responds really well to Lasix.  Hopefully getting rid of some excess fluid will help his sats improve.

Rae’s been up to see him the past two days, and with her being in the lead-up to Spring Break, they’ll be able to see each other more as time allows.  She is awesome.

Until tomorrow…


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