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It was going so well

It was going so well.  Just two months ago I got my PICC line out and I was off the antifungals.  I was running and my stamina was getting better.  Let me go back.

It was just before Memorial day and I had an appointment with Doc Weiss.  We discussed my blood work and the latest scans.  A spot was still in my lung but the infections were gone.  It was awesome. He said those happy words.  “No more micafungen.”  That meant no more PICC line.  It was taken out in a shwoosh just minutes later.  I didn’t have to go down to the second floor that day or a couple of days later on Saturday.  I could go swimming and take a shower without having to wrap up my arm.  It was awesome.  That first shower was weird and my first pool was freezing.  But total awesomeness ensued.

It was going so well.  I had joined up with Team in Training for a go at the Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half marathon.  Please make a donation.  Every dollar counts so if you can afford a dollar give a dollar.  More is okay too.   I was running up to four times a week.  I am much slower but the endurance was going up.  It was awesome with a group.  We always started out together but my pace kind of put me between others.  It was okay.  I could see the rest on the way back.  Toward the end of the of these group runs some of the coaches would come back for me and pace me in.  Then my parents came to visit.  I put my father on my old bike and we went out for a run.  I felt a little bad because my pace was not conducive to staying upright on a bicycle.  But we talked along the whole way.  I showed him Valley Forge National Park where there is no flat.

Just last week I was at Fairmount Park and ran a 9 miler.  When I started back, just the day after the Boston Marathon, I made it just over a half of a mile at a slugs pace and it damn near killed me. That 9 minute run back in April was turned into a 2 hour run for 9 miles.  I was stunned and things were going so well.

I had an appointment with Doc Flomenburg and he saw a bunch of improvement.  He agreed with Doc Weiss that I was no longer in need of a Stem Cell Transplant.  It was going extremely well.  We decided that a transplant was not out of the question and that if this Lymphoma came back then that option would come back in play.  Therefore, we were going to go ahead and collect stem cells.  It was scheduled and in a couple of weeks I will sit in a chair for hours while the pump stem cells out of me.

I had a CT scan just last week and it was cool.  It went well.  I lifted my arms they pushed me through and then I held my breath.  Beep and it was done.  This leads to yesterday.  I tried to get Doc Weis to re-approve my application for a handicapped parking placard.  I really enjoyed having one but we agreed that those parking spaces were for people who actually needed it.  I asked about the scan and he was optimistic.  It looked okay and we were to schedule some scans and another appointment in two months.  It was going really well.

We were there checking out and scheduling the scans and appointment when Doc Weiss came out and found us.  He had accidentally looked at an earlier CT scan and upon further review looked a the latest scan he saw something.  It was going so well….  He wanted to meet later in the day.  So I waited around.  I would have been writing this then but I did not have my laptop.  Well we met with Doc Weiss and it looks like an infection has taken up in my lung again.  Well I was given a choice of 4 or 5 days a week on Micafungen.  I chose 4 and made Doc Weiss’s day when I said I would use the weekend days.

There I was with this handy-dandy laptop ready at the infusion center.  I knew this was not going to be very pleasant.  Without the PICC line they would have to stick me for the IV.  Evidently, way back in the day when I was getting stuck a bunch all me veins got damaged.  I thought they would have healed but instead it is scare tissue.  Moving my arm was not really pleasant so typing this post was out of the question.  It was going well.

So here I am.  I have another appointment in the morning for an infusion.  It is nice to see the ladies and rescue ninjas again.  I think I will be going for a run afterwards.  It will go so well.  It will be awesome.


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  1. You are my awesome son ,


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