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I Effing Ran!!!!

That is right.  After over a month of not stomping the streets.  After hideous bronchoscopy that tore me up from top to bottom.  After a cancer diagnosis then another.  A week after my first session of Chemo therapy that came with the nausea, weakness, and light headedness.  Wait, chemo sounds like ultramarathon running but with less nutrition.  In all of the time my legs have been itching and my brain as been screaming at me to get the eff out there and do something.  Yet I did not.  It was real hot and I had alot of medical stuff.  Nothing but fucking excuses.  I needed to get my sweat on.  I know it wouldn’t be great but I needed it.

And I did.  I woke up this Sunday and got the shorts on, filled up the water bottle and laced up.  I always picture the Rambo Cartoon Intro when I do this.  I went to Don Fox Park with a plan.  1 mile and that was it.  I started and it was tough.  My legs protested from lack of memory but then they set in.  It was awesome but my limited breathing reminded me that my pace was too fast and before I hit the 1/2 mile point I was hurting.  That was okay, recover for 50 then re-pace. I finished strong and almost listened to my Brain to go for another mile.  But Brain Bad and I stopped.  I know I am the guy who did the first Delaware Double but now days, just like that weekend, it will be one mile at a time.  It won’t be long before I do the second Delaware Double though.  Just wait and see.

In the end I fucking ran.

And it was good.


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