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The Brain Bad Chronicles: Look a Dreadmill!

It is amazing how bad my brain is.  I swear, think horrible things, and totally over estimate my on abilities.  Either way, my brain is the biggest obstacle to my running properly and running smartly.  At the same time it keeps me going and yet can drag me down at the worst times.  There was a time…  Hell, it still happens, when my body says enough, please stop.  Yet my brain says, “No, you must keep going.”  Or “It is a day that ends in Y and you have a scheduled run of x miles, go out an do it.  Don’t worry that your leg is only hanging on at the knee by a tab of skin and what ever is left of your knee cap.  Go!”

Of course this is the exact right attitude during a race because there is nothing worse than a DNF, except a DNS.  One day I know it will happen and I have been close to it a couple of times like at the 2008 Cleveland Marathon which was two weeks after I PR’d the Flying Pig Marathon.  I almost turned at the Half turn off and called it a half.  I should have but I didn’t.  I wonder to this day if that would have been called a DNF or an adjustment of race parameters.  We will never know.  Remember, if you find me unconscious on a race course please move me closer to the finish line.  At least kick me in that direction.

Back to present day.  Just wait till we flash forward and sideways and in to alternate realities just like Lost.  I am nursing some injuries aches that have made some of my most recent runs kind of miserable.  My left shin is giving me trouble and my right Achilles is still crappy.  On top of it my right foot is giving me that breaky feeling.  Like it feels like it might be broke but I know that it isn’t, yet.  Either way, I need to take a little rest.

This being said I am in a mini-taper for the Delaware Trail Marathon on 24 April.  That is good because, though stopping running is always bad, stopping running in a training cycle is worse.  I needed some rest because I was not really taking any after running the Shamrock Marathon Whale Challenge on 20-21 March.  So here I am.  I need to take a week off and asses the damage and the recovery before I totally commit.

This is the part where I am listening to my body and not my brain.  You know why?  Because!  Brain Bad!!!!!  I will show you how the brain works on me like a nagging mother.

Instead of running a good long run of 12-15 miles on Sunday I decided to break out the bike and bike over to Kennet Square.  It is not much of a ride.  Maybe 15 miles, but with some big yet rolling hills and my bikes poor gear ratio it would be a challenge.  So when I woke up and started to gear up the Brain said,  “Pack some running shorts and your shoes just in case you want to get out there and make it a Duathlon. ” No!!!!! This is a recovery week.  Not a time to push the boundaries.  Although, the Duathon thing might be a great idea for a later date.  Way to go Brain.  So I thwarted Brain by only packing biking stuff, old shoes, no running socks or shorts and the most cottonny heavy shirt I could find.  Thanks NCN for that one.  Brain still had fits as we passed runners on Rt. 58.  There was one point (mountain) where I had passed a runner at the bottom and as I started heading up I was afraid I was going to be passed by them.  If they were elite I would have been okay with it but come on.  I know I have not been on the bike in over a year but I am not that bad.  Well, it turns out that I wasn’t.  In the end I had a good bike ride and the legs a body felt better for the lower impact work out.

Fast forward to today, because Monday was boring.  So I am getting ready for the day and I usually run on Tuesdays but this week is recovery week.  Just keep repeating it Duff and maybe it will sink in.  Well, I am getting stuff out.  A pair of running shorts, regular shorts, a cotton race shirt, swim suit, towel, my running shoes.  I know what you are thinking.  I am about to go running.  No, that was not the plan.  The plan was Rowing or Elliptical and maybe some swimming.    I posed the question on FaceBook if Elliptical counted as cross training but did not get a definite answer.  Well, I was still thinking rowing because it would be an upper body workout as well.  So there I was, heading into the Y.  It is raining and as I pulled into the parking lot I thought well that settles it I did not really prepare for the rain so running is out.  This is total lie because if I have a pair of running shoes and some shorts then I am totally ready to run in the rain.  But this time Brain was buying it.

Then it happened.  I was walking past the Fitness Center at the Y and saw the treadmill and Brain said, “That’s okay we can just go for a run on the Treadmill.”

Holy shit and Cow Farts!  Did Brain just do that.  It has sacrificed Body and Brain’s mutual hatred for the devil spawn machine, the Dreadmill.  All of that malice discarded just to get a run in.  The shudder that went through my body almost tore my ACL and herniated a disc just to teach Brain a lesson.

Come on!!!  Honestly!!  The Dreadmill.  Is this what we have come to.  Have my cravings for runs become so big that I can no longer avoid the most heinous  device every created.  The next thing you know Brain will suggest heading out with a bunch of Power Walkers to get a recovery run in.  WTF!!!

So here comes the good part.  In my haste to get everything packed this morning and get out the door, I forgot to pack socks.  Not even Brain would run without socks.  That would be a mistake of epic proportions.  So I got dressed and hit the Rowing machine for 30 minutes and 6200m.  A good work out but I still missed running.  I can’t wait till this Saturday when I test the legs out.

In the end, everything I have said in the past is correct.  BRAIN BAD!!!!!!!


I know I owe a lot of race reports.  Trust me I have been composing them in my head but it will take some time to get to them.


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