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In-review:2009 and the End of Year 2

Okay so I know this may be late but much like last year I have been a little behind.  Actually, this is doubly late because I missed my Second Anniversary.  Yes, it was Thanksgiving of 2007 when I started this chronicle of all that is my running and running thoughts.  There have been some great ones.  Like gear, TheRapist, Races, Things I have seen, training, and an attempt to get others to help me with my own fueling strategy.  Well, most of that happened in the first year of this blog.  As far as my writing for the 2009 has gone.  Well, it has gone.  I have mostly been composing ideas and never writing them down.  I hope to change that in 2010 or year 3. 

“Real good start, Slacker.” 

Not my best effort in writing.  Let me tell you how.

  • I have missed at least 4 race reports, of which, two were of Marathon distance or better and another I placed in. 
  • I have been over a month behind in other race reports for just about every race I ran if I wrote about it all.
  • Lets not forget the random thoughts I have been thunking about that still pulsate through my troubled mind. 
  • Many a shoe have passed my feet and I have yet to introduce you them or say goodby.

Forget all of that.  My blogging may not have been up to snuff but it will be better and besides as far as my running has gone I am the man.  Lets start off with a clear metric.

I ran 1390 miles in 2009.  Thats right, I blew past 2008 by 365 miles.  In other words I added an extra mile a day.  I will be hard pressed to do that in 2010 but it could happen. 

A few notes that make the top of the list.. 

  • The Goofy Race and a Half Challenge.
  • I ran my first trail race, the Ugly Mudder.  This is the most deliberately fun race ever created.
  • I am an ultra-marathoner and nobody can take that away from me.
  • I am a Slug.  Some may consider this a curse.  I consider it an honor.
  • New York baby!
  • PRs, PRs, PRs and championships.

Let me elaborate. 


  • 6 pairs of shoes.
  • 1 pair won.  Thats right I won a pair of Pearls and I picked a pair of trail shoes.  Thanks Vanilla and Candice.  I do run like an animal. 
  • A fitting change.  I will speak of this more in a future post but don’t hold your breath.

The races:

  • Goofy was a blast where I tried to break 2 hours in the Half and I paid for it the next day around mile 17.  Also my man Timmy’s first marathon.  It was an honored to be part of that.
  • Back to back races where I ran an okay 5 miler in Ambler, PA and proceeded to run my very first trail race at the Ugly Mudder.
  • Three time, thats right, three time division champion of the Catch a Leprechaun 30k and another PR at 2:38.
  • I broke 2.  Thats right I PR’d the Caesar Rodney Half Marathon at 1:53.24.
  • I hurt myself and still ran a 4:19 at the Delaware Marathon.  {Sorry no race report}  Lets say it was a grueling race and I am not sure I will ever get back to it.
  • I ran my very first Ultra-marathon one month later at the Booty Rumble 50k in 5:35.  It was the most awesome time.  The rain started 10 minutes into the race and did not let up till about 10 minutes before I finished. {Again no race report.}
  • Two fall 5k’s.  The first one I can hardly remember but the Doggy Doo 5k was the most cruel thing ever.  The hill that it starts on and finishes on make St. Malachi’s look like a gradual slope that goes into the distance.  {Same story, I am a slacker and did not make a race report.}
  • Instead of a 20 mile long run I decided to run another 50k at the RBC 50k in 5:30.  I think I am hooked.
  • One month later I PR’d the New York Marathon.  While Meb was resting and waiting for Letterman I ran it in 4:00:47.  What an amazing race and course.  The surprise technical trail as you go into the Bronx made an all-round race.
  • Three weeks later I understood what negative Splits were when I PR’d the Fairmount Park Turkey Trot in 37:37.


It is a good thing I had no aspirations for weight loss.  I kept it steady and that is okay.  A few pounds off would be nice but not necessary for 2010.  I did find myself back at the TheRapist again for Achilles issues again.  I guess when you put almost 600 miles on a pair of shoes you are almost asking for an injury.  Fortunately, I was not sidelined.  For the most part I can run great but when I walked it looks like I am not the past, current, or future owner of the legs that are attached.  I kind of wish I could run everywhere but that may get difficult in safety shoes and on a facility that only allows running in an emergency. 

Oh yeah, I got my first full body massage in January.  It was amazing.  One day I will do it again.  Maybe after taxes are done. 

Another thing is trail running as become a regular component of my running as a way to mix things up and keep myself healthy.

In summary, 2009 was a great year with multiple PRs, 5 marathons+, A goofy, almost 1400 miles run and some of the most fun I have had out on my feet since I started running again in 2006.  The only regret I have is that with moving to DE I missed all of my spring races that I did back in Cleveland.  I will have to do better at finding some in the area.

As for 2010.  Rae has shown some interest in running a race with me.  Maybe we can do a 5k together at some point.  I know there is another 50k since I have already run it.  {I promise there will be a race report.}  On the Marathon front, Shamrock and Pittsburgh are calling to me but there is no pressure.  I think it will be a lot of the same.  Challenge myself till it hurts then run some more.  There is a 24 hour race in Philly around Fairmount park in June or July for BOMF.  If anyone wants to join me or would like to crew for me as I attempt it on my own let me know. It will be a blast. 

Some certainties for 2010:

  1. Defense of my CAL 30k title.
  2. Ugly Mudder
  3. 50k [Already done]
  4. More bloggin.  I promise.  No really I promise.

Remember this:  My sport is your sports punishment.


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