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Pond Side Trail Plus 2 Weeks of Rain Equals No More Trail

Well, I was off this morning to get one more run in before the NY Marathon and decided to go after the Lums Pond- Swamp Forest Trail.  It would be a nice soft run to take my mind of the shuffle-jog-shuffle of 42000 runners on Sunday.  Plus, I have run next to nothing this week.  So off I went.  Nothing big.  I have run this 7.5 mile trail plenty of times.  It is technical but not to bad.  Well, the first thing I noticed was that it was now fall and I had not memorized every turn and root.  No matter that is what trail shoes are for.  I was running along a good clip really enjoying myself when about a mile out I turned and saw that there was no longer any trail.   The pond was now in my way.  I was baffled.  I realized that it had rained 3 days every week for the past two weeks.  And I mean heavy rains.  I wasn’t sure about going through at that point because it was pretty deep so I just found a new way around.  Well, I figured I would see a little more of this but it shouldn’t be that bad.  Check out a map of the trails at Lums Pond.  Swamp Forest is the Yellow one.


Well, at one point I made a turn and 100m into it I could not find the trail, it was so flooded.  I had an alternative trail and turned to that.  Eventually, got to some higher ground and things were good for about a mile then I had no choice and just went through it.  Now I can say I ran through Lums Pond.



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  1. […] it all started on the Friday morning before the race and I decided that a good 7.5 mile technical trail run was in order.  It was awesome and amazing.  Now just earlier in the year I would have never even […]


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