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A Farewell to Slug: RBC 50k Race Report

So I know it has been a long time since I have graced these hallow pages with my furious prose but life is a little busy and I have other excuses.  Want to hear them.  No?  Oh, that is a “Hell, no”  Okay so I am a lazy writer.  actually, I am a tenacious thinker and it takes some real amazing or crappy runs for me to compose the best that only you deserve.  Well, this was one of those most amazing runs.

Okay, it is not typo that is a 50k or 31 miles.  You may think that I am just a marathoner.  Like being a marathoner is something to “just” be.  It takes a whole hell of a lot to run a marathon and to run a 10k or just to get off you hind quarters and get to moving and to everybody who as decide to tackle even a jog or walk to the end of the block deserves my respect and well wishes.  Now go out there and stomp one out.  Well, to be honest I turned Ultra-marathoner earlier this year at the Booty Rumble 50k in June. 

What?  “Where is that race report?”  you ask.  Well, see above I got some excuse and it will come.  But it is because of the Booty Rumble that I knew about the RBC 50k.  Back in June I knew the date was 3 october and that would be 4 weeks before the NY marathon.  I wouldn’t dare risk that so close such and important race.  Well, I was wrong and I was proven wrong by the only person that can perform such a task.  ME!  So there I was with 3 October coming up quick and in June I was thinking of going back down to help out.  Well, in September I knew better.  I knew I had it in me and I needed a long run.  If you look at all of those training plans you might see that it has long runs about 3-4 weeks prior to the big marathon of about 20-22 miles.

I was thinking, “Duff, if you are going to run 21 miles why not make it 31?”

Thinking back (more than likely I was talking to myself), “Duff you may be right.” 

“Of course I am.”

So there I was on 3 October 2009, heading down Route 1 toward Dover, DE.  I love this state, I can make it half way down the state in less than an hour and across it in about 20 minutes.  Eitherway, I had some coffee in hand made my way to what would be my second Team Slug event at Killens Pond State Park.  I got there and met up with John “The Hitman” Harper the race director and fellow Slug sophomore Steve Tursi.  I was already running late and it looked like Steve and I would be the only participants. Cool enough for me.  I love this.  A few minutes later James “All Nighter” Moore came rolling in.  It was about that time.  So we toed the line for our 3.1 mile trek, 10 times.  Now I will get more into this but probably when I finally post the Booty Rumble 50k race report.  Trust me it will be worth the wait.  Here is a tidbit.   Killen Pond State park is around Killens Pond there is a nice flat trail that as long as you avoid the 3×3 stairs, ankle twisting roots, the mysterious sand and keep the pond to your left you should be okay.  Oh yeah there is that pesky .25 mile long asphalt that can destroy your soul every time around.  Then there is the end of the loop where the self aid station was.  Check out Steve’s video of the course.  It is awesome. 

So as I was heading out on the first loop i realized that maybe the others behind me may not remember the course or at least in the first loop we should all get lost together so I stepped back and the All Nighter and I managed to find our way back to the start/finish without incident in 29 minutes.  A good start.  So the goal was to finish and this was to be my easy long run. Right?  No this became a race and at the first stop we were informed that more competitors showed up about 20 minutes after we started.  Well, I fueled and hydrated and was off.  The next loop was uneventful and I made it through in sub 9 pace.  I felt great and the next 4 loops went by with very little effort.  I started thinking maybe I could win this thing and maybe even break 5 hours. 

I was still going strong when at the 30k mark I got distracted and forgot to fuel with an e-gel.  Oh no.  No that is not right, oh well.  I will just grit it out and catch the gel at 35k.  I am not sure if this is the cause but at about 40k when I saw second place come by I was starting to get a few cramps.  Plus the glide was failing and that sucked .  I was starting to chafe in a bad way.  Any who, I was slowing down real bad.   Slow good, stop bad.  I was slow.

At 40k I was getting ready to break over that marathon barrier when I was passed.  Kudos to Ryan he is an amazingly strong runner.  I eked out the next 10k with a much slower pace.  On the last lap I got a first time ever cramp across my quads that extended over my knees.  It had me really worried.  I had cramps where I had to slow or change my pace but never ones that made me stop.  These had me stopping.  The good part was I was able to recover and get back to running.  I was really imbalanced but the last of 10 laps what could you do.  There was a point where I was saying “2 more miles to go”  then “1.5 miles to go”, then as I ran more I realized that I had not sense of distance on this course.   It seemed like the entire course was getting longer because every time I thought how long to go I would have I knew my last estimate was bad and that this is probably the 1.5 to go mark.  Then I would think the same thing about a half mile later.

Either way, I got to the, lets say, .25 mile to go mark which would the home stretch and I needed to kick it out so I look impressive to anybody near the finish line.  Then the cramp came back and begged me stop. I was having none of it so I tried to keep up the running but was forced to stop to avoid being stopped by a face full of dirt.  After about 50 meters of walking I was ready to resume my kick.  And there I was another PR at 5:32 and second place in the RBC 50k. 

I loved this race and running 50k was amazing.  But the best part was hanging out afterwards and encouraging the other runners.  The beer helped.  We got our finisher picture before people dispersed.  As the day grew long we Slugs learned of the death of TSI.  I am distraught over this event but 20 years is a long haul.  20 years ago I was just contemplating my first days in high school cross country now I am here to say I am a slug and I was there.  Steve and I celebrated our race at Waffle House and parted ways knowing that we will once again be sharing the same course in NY and again at the Fattest Butt 50 on 2 January 2010.

Geno Shemansik 50K+


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