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Goofy Race and A Half Challenge: Part 3, The Goofy

It is amazing.  I know that others have done more.  My man Dean Karno ran 50 in 50.  People do ultras.  There is an event with three marathons around a lake in consecutive days but the Race and A Half Challenge is one heck of a concept.   For the 4500 of us that did it this year here is a giant pat on the back. 

I mean 39.3 in two days amazing.  Lets not forget to mention the hard core Magic Kingdom on Friday.  I loved every moment of this experience and the fact that Rae got to share in it by visiting Disney for the first time made even more special.

Timmy finished the race in 5:11.  What a fantastic effort for a first marathon.  He has become totally hooked on it and is considering the Goofy for next year.  We met up shortly after he finished.  He was hurting and so was I but we were in a high that nobody could have brought us down from.  After some stretching and a bottle of recoverite I was doing pretty good.  I had gotten a massage which actually cost money. Well, nothing is perfect but the massage sure was.  Along with my calves.  KaPow!!!! KaChiga!!!!

Here is the best part.  After the initial soreness in the next 24 hours, I have not felt better.  My legs have been in the best shape since before I got injured last May.  Sore is sore but the pain is all but gone.  My achilles is great and my Plantar Fascist is doing great.  It seems like I needed the Goofy to heal me up.  This just proves that running through the injury is just what you are supposed to do.  I mean what a hoot. 

The bad part.  I still have nightmares about that mile around the world.  Later that night we were at Epcot for “fun.”  This involved me sitting at every bench ride I could get to.  We ate dinner at Morocco which at the apogee of the world from the exit.  What great food but the walk back was agony.  And on to other things, I also saw Animal Kingdom in a non-running capacity.  I was right the first time through, a Zoo on steroids.  Still cool.  I rode the Expedition Everest.  This is really not a good idea after 39.3 in two days and a relatively empty stomach.  I still hadn’t eaten anything substantial at that point.  It was weird because my energy stores were falling but I was so not hungry.  Fun ride.  It goes backwards.  Rae held on and screamed like a little girl.  Then she said “Awesome” lets go again.

I forgot about when I heard someone yell about wanting a Vodka while I was running through Animal Kingdom.  It turned out to be Laura from Absolut(ly) Fit.  I almost fell over when I heard it and wish I knew it was her.  I would like to have said hi.  Now I just say good luck. 

In the end, I had a fantastic half and full marathon in one weekend.  My Rae got to see Disney for the first time.  My legs are feeling the best they have in months.  I got to see my best friend run his first marathon and come out wanting more.  On top of it all I think I may do it again next year.  Why not.


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