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The Path of Most Resistance

Just a few days ago I was all happy and jumping up and down while kicking my heels together.  Why?  Because it was snowing and I was running in it.  I mean it was fantastic.  Later that night it snowed more and it was just beautiful.  The flakes of white just falling ever so gently to the ground.  The panicked East Coast drivers driving even worse than in dry conditions.

Based on previous experience, where the threat of frozen precipitation on the east coast has lauched a traction campaign of epic proportions, I thought I was in for a clear run yesterday.  I mean there is usually laid down more salt and sand than actual snow or sleet.  But not this time.  I was running along and for the most part the roads were in good shape.  As with even the most prepared areas like Cleveland there are some patches that just don’t done right.  I expect that because nobody is perfect. 

… Well except for me and my calves.  Aren’t they pretty.  I don’t think they could be more awesome then I look at them the next day and realize that I was just mistaken.

Any who, this is where Delaware has faltered.  There weren’t patches of ice or snow that was missed.  There were entire sections.  Basketball court sized packed, driven on, refrozen, usually down hill, snow and ice.  This is where I realized I had to take the Path of Most Resistance. 

Usually when you look at nature and the nature of people we like to take the path of least resistance.  Water will flow downhill and not uphill.  Except for in Northeast Ohio where water stands on a hill.  Rachael will kind of move stuff out of the way or behind the door when she is told to clean her room.  Without the aid of a motor or paddle boats will flow down the river.  It just how things go.

A runner usually prefers a gentle down slope to run on.  First, because uphills are all resistance and that pesky gravity is working against you all the time.  Then a big down hill is just as bad.  Why you might ask?  A big downhill should be easy, you don’t have to push hard or anything. 

I am glad you asked.  In a big down hill you are usually putting on the brakes to stay in control.  If you have great control of your legs and body like Ryan Hall then maybe you can pour on the jets and use it.  But if your are one of us then a big down hill can be worse than an up hill.  All the stress is put on the front of your legs and this is where your feet begin to slip in you shoes.  For me it is a lot of stress on my shins.  For this reason a flat to gentle down slope is the best path of least resistance.  And usually that would be the preference. 

This time I was looking for the Path of Most Resistance.  I would hit these Ice Courts and find that the beginning of each was black ice.  I would just be careful and get to the snow.  Then I realized there was black ice on the snow.  Well, since black ice is really clear and only named that because the black of the asphalt shows through making it damn near invisible, so it was really White Ice.  In most cases I would try to run on the white part.  Snow meant some means of traction over ice.  This time I was treading carefully attempting to find that traction.  The Path of Most Resistance.  Keep an eye out for it when you are in need.

Well, I had about six of these obstacles to negotiate over a 10k run.  Okay one per mile is not bad.  One was at an intersection with cars coming at me in two directions and the others were on hills.  One uphill which I am sure was comical as I was probably taking and extra stride every 5 and the rest were down hills.  I survived and had a great run.  I wonder what will happen on Saturday when I run that route again.


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  1. You should go check out Half-Fast and congratulate the winner of the free Pearl Izumis… I think you might know the guy.



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