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Selsun Blue: The Sky has Dandruff

It has been winter for over a month and things were looking real dim.  In the morning there was very little light out and in the evening it was getting darker earlier that I am used to.  This is the danger of living on the East Coast again.  Living on the other end of the time zone seemed just a little brighter.  At least there was glare from the ground.  Well, in the past month there has been this gloom about the weather.  It is almost like we are stuck in a perpetual Seattle, except no space needle. 

The weather has mostly been in the mid 40’s since November.  Some of you might think this is great and yes it is nice to run in cool weather without the need to bundle up with an extra 5 pounds of fleece, gloves, face mask and multilayer clothing.  I like going out in a long sleeve t-shirt, running pants, gloves, and medium weight cap and still having to roll up my sleeves.  It is kind of nice.  The problem is that, my limit before I add layers is about 25 degrees.  Even then I end up rolling up my sleeves.  None of this is the problem though.

The real problem is that in the 1 month of official winter, and two months of actual winter there has been very little snow.  Once on a long run day I thought I was going to get snow.  I was at Fairmount Park for a 16 or 20 miler and I was a stoked for snow when it turned out to be freezing rain that soon turned into regular rain.  Not a big deal, the run was still fantastic. 

I remember the time that I had finished a run earlier in the morning and it started snowing that night.  Then there was the rest day where I had time to go running and it was snowing.  And the Brain said go for it.  Body said no it is my rest day.  They had a fight and Body won and Brain bad.  Brain was sore.  Last week, we had about an inch of salt with a sprinkling of sand.  There was also a bunch of ice that only seemed to cover, parking lots and sidewalks.  They even canceled Rachael’s school that day.  I guess they were afraid they the kids were going to get dehydrated from all the salt.  Either way alas not snow.  I did have an interesting run on some very ruff ice on a sidewalk that week where it had melted been tread on and re-froze.

  Eitherway, the forcaster had called for snow all weekend and still the only good forcaster I have know was my grandfather all of the others are hacks.  I think they stick their heads out the window and if it comes back wet then they say it is a 70% chance of rain.  Yet no snow.  Then today happened.  I awoke to snow.  I looked at the Future Channel and saw the pretty picture with white covering Northern Delaware, Maryland, and Eastern Pennsylvania.  It was here to stay and maybe I could get out before it all escaped me.

Lunch time came around and I was off.  I looked out my office window and snow there was not.  No matter I needed a run and it was a great temp for it.  34 degrees and I was set.  Well, I was getting everything ready at the Y.  My Mp3 player was starting up and I was getting my cap on when I looked out and saw something amazing.  Could it be.  No, I thought, it must be some stuff being blown off of the roof.  No matter here I go. 

I get started and I don’t even think about it.  I was just hoping that rough ice on the sidewalk it gone.  My ankles, shins, and calves took beating.  It was gone and I went on.  I felt great.  Light even.  My legs have been feeling great these past few weeks.  Any who, I was about three quarters of a mile out when I notices this white stuff coming down.  Now here in Delaware the neighborhoods are real nice and have beautiful trees lining the streets.  It is kind of spooky at night but still real cool.  I thought again it must be just stuff being blown off of the trees. 

This time a bit of happy gloom comes over me.  I think I will pretend (or fake, as Rachael says) like it is actually snowing because this may be the closest I get in this mild weather hades.  Well, I turn on the jets and get to moving.  It turns out that the reality I rejected and the one of my own I substituted were one and the same.  It was snowing.  And I was running in it.

Now I know I have had some real shit eating grins on my face especially when I run.  I am sure I had one when I broke 40 minutes on the 5 mile, or when I finished the Marine Corps Marathon.  I the one I was beaming had the potential to melt the snow in front of me.  It was like the sky had opened up and ran it fingers thought is white fluffy locks and out came the most amazing dandruff just for me.  I mean, it wasn’t a hard snow and the wind was not making it do that awesome Warp Speed effect it was just a nice gentle snow with a little breeze.  Like Allison Reynolds had included a runner in here sketch of the cabin. (Find the reference)

Either way, it was about time.  I needed this snow and now I have had it.  I am sure there will be more but for a while I was not sure it would ever come.  A great 10k run and in 50 minutes.  I think I have gotten my speed back.


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