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The Goofy race and a Half Challenge: Part 1-The Half

I have spent the past couple of weeks kind of avoiding this race report.  I am not sure why but there is so much that I have had a hard time putting it all together.  I will start by putting this together in parts.

So here I was on Friday morning making my first mistake of the race weekend.  I had a 5:50AM start for a race on Saturday and I was at the opening of the Magic Kingdom with the Family.  It was Rachael’s first trip to Disney and we could not deny her this joy.  I could not believe how much she enjoyed it.  She loved Space Mountain and other roller coasters.  The best part of the day was when Space and I went to the expo to pick up the packets and Grandma and Pappi took the “It’s a Small World” bullet for us.  Totally awesome.  Other than that a joy of a day but the entire time on my feet and I did not get to sleep till after 10:00PM.

Well, it is now 3:00AM and I am awake and getting ready.  The Goofy has some interesting stuff.  I have to wear this orange  wrist band for the half so that is extra to keep on.  So there I was, with MP3 player, Cap, A-team Shirt over a Flying Pig Marathon Technical Shirt (more on this later), butterfly bracelet, gels, glide, Bib, etc.  I was ready. 

The start is by the Epcot Center, and after about a mile walk for a warm up to the start line I meet up with my buddy Timmy (who is running the marathon {his first}).  He is nervous and I am just trying to get into character.  I am sort of a method actor of running.  Like Brando with slurred strides and beautiful calves.  Either way, it is still dark and the Full moon was spectacular.  I mean it was amazing how big and bright it was.  Then Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy are up on the stage, which I see by jumbo tron, and they start the race.  Fireworks and shuffle, shuffle, jog, shuffle some more, run, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep from the Champion Chip mat(hooray), and we are off.

Now I have seen the advice from otherswho have attempted the Goofy before me.  Don’t race the half.  Take it easy and enjoy the run.  Okay that sound like a  plan.  My training has prepared me to take it easy before the big race.  I will just flow with the crowd and have a good easy run.  2:10 or something slower should be good.  Is everybody on board with this?  Does anybody believe that I would do that?  If you did, then I say, Ha I fooled you.  I can’t believe you would fall for that.  That is oldest trick in the book. Evil will alway triumph over good because good is dumb.  Well, I egress.  Bye.

As with any big race the first mile is slow but after that there are openings and I can pass and weave my way through the crowd to the pace I want to be at.  Well, those guys were so slow.  I saw the clock as mile two and knew I could finally break 2:00 hours.  I have done it at the split for a full marathon but not on a half.  I saw the clock and said “I should take it easy. I have a long weekend ahead of me”  But a little voice in my head replied “but 2 hours needs to be broken” 

Body replies, “I know it can be done but we should ease up and stay strong in our moderation”

Brain says, “Of course is can be done… Oh, it is ON!!!!”

So off I go, I start to pour on the speed.  Now I have done almost no speed work in my training.  It has all been endurance and surviving the onslaught of mile after mile.  That is okay, I am on pace and ahead of the 2 hour mark by a few seconds.  I can do this.

I hit the Magic Kingdom and it is still dark.  We start off in the back stage portion and then it opens up to Main Street where the street is lined on one side with the cheerers and Athletic supporters and the other with Disney Characters.  I even saw the Mayor of Main Street there.  The place was so lit up it was amazing.  Then just before we make the turn to Tomorrow Land I realize it is very quite.  The spectators are just standing there watching.  Rookies.  So I encourage them along.  I call them out and call them “Cheertators”  Get it Cheerleader + Spectator.  Sure I stole it from “Not Another Teen Movie”  but this is not a Cheerocracy.  Well they start cheering and all is good.  More on this later.

We hit Tomorrow Land and I cannot believe it is Tomorrow already.  A left turn and another left turn and another left turn and then I am going through Cinderella’s castle.  It is real cool and still real dark.  Odd.  Then comes the most treacherous down hill in the entire course in to Frontier land.  Honestly I was putting on the brakes the entire time.  The bitch of it is, I know I have to do the same thing on Sunday.  Well, from Tomorrow to yesterday.  Frontier land is kind of lonely with very few spectators.  We end up back stage again and onto some weird road heading back toward Epcot. 

It is here that there are some signs by Sharpie (a sponsor) that have been posted off the road.  The problem is that they are real long. They are fun facts and the like but I did not have time to read them before I went zooming by.  Either way, it was okay it was just weird.  I saw something similar at the Akron Marathon but the messages/notes were short sweet and to the point.  Take note Sharpie, shorter messages.

Now comes the worst part of the race.  I am at about mile 9 when it happens.  I have to stop.  For what you might add.  Well, my body hates me and decided that the Porto-John and I needed to get better acquainted.  Are we kidding.  No I had to stop.  This was the first time I actually had to stop in a race for that.  Well, I stop and unhook everything to get ready and go and drop the deuce that my body dealt me.  I get re-situated and get back on my way.  Well, that cost me about 4 minutes. 

At that point I realize I am a little over dressed.  I put the Flying Pig Tech Shirt on to wick away the sweat and keep me cool because the A-team shirt is not really for this kind of activity.  Well, with there being two layers, the tech shirt is not able to do that job.  So I am getting hot.  The weird part is I hear through the entire race from others, how cold it is.  Grow a set people and go live in Cleveland.  Any who, it just an inconvenience nothing real bad. 

I hit mile 12 and see that I would have to put up a way sub 6 minute mile point 1 (more like sub 5) to get in under the two hour mark.  For about a half mile I thought I could do that but then I realized that I haven’t done that since I was in high school and way before I found this extra 100 pounds that is attached to me.  Either way, I apply the after burners and do my best to finish strong.


And I did.  I finished in 2:02.  I felt great and of course when I finished I had to remind those Cheertators to cheer.  I got through the finish and got my Donald Medal.  I took a picture of/for 4 ladies that were running the Goofy Challenge together.  Then I moved onto the Goofy tent and got my orange bracelet exchanged for a blue one.  It may seem like a lot happened but the Half Marathons seem so short.  I have a hard time remembering what happened. 

Well, next is the Marathon.  Stay tuned, another Full Moon awaited our hero for another agonizing endurance event that shall keep you riveted to your chairs.


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