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Boy, was the road embarrassed.

First off isn’t it a bit ironic that it is snowing on my blog site about running yet I have not has a single flake of snow hit my head while out on a run.  I don’t get it.  This place is a weather enigma.  It snows in southern Texas, the levies have breached in New Orleans but that is okay, the canals are frozen.  But not here in Delaware.  This is the land of tax free shopping and no snow.  Rachael is starting to get bummed.  Don’t get me wrong this place is a great place to train with great running routes and a diverse terrain.  But where is the snow. 

Instead we get massive down pours. 

That is where we begin my journey last night.  It had been raining all day.  The place is water logged and my first thoughts are what a great time for a run.  The problem is when I packed my gym bag in the morning I forgot to poke my head out of the door or watch the weatherfuture channel.  So I had no rain gear.  No matter I had a long sleeve shirt.  My 2008 catch a leprechaun shirt which I am the two time defending champion in my division.  And running pants.  They were black which could have been a bad choice for running on the roads in the dark.  Either way. 

And I was off.  It did not take long to get wet.  The first puddle was at about the fifth step.  This was going great.  Let us scobby doo back to 5 minutes earlier inside the Y and inside my own head.  Dooddly, doo, doodly, doo.

“It is raining pretty hard, maybe I should leave the glasses in the locker” says brain.

Brain replies, “No way you will just end up with a head ache.  You have run in the rain before.”

Back to the present, (not this present but the one where I was running in the rain, {When will then be now?})  where I am having to look over my glasses because they are fogged up and wet.  Stupid brain, brain bad.  Either way what a fantastic voyage. 

Things had gone pretty well, except for the little eye strain and I realize that the front of my shirt is soaked and clinging to my body.  This had to have been a delight  scary sight for any of the ladies looking out their windows in the neighborhood.  Either way, this is awesome.  A down pour and a great run.  I even start thinking about work.  What, work!  How dare work seep into the reverie that is my running thoughts.  No this was a good thing, I had an idea and I was articulating it in my head.  Very soon afterwards it happened. 

At about mile 3, I was crossing the road at an intersection to make a turn down the street.  It was dark and I hit the one and only pot hole, (I like to call them Cleveland’s) in all of Delaware.  My left ankle went that way and I went this way and then I was heading down.  As my hands went out to brace for the impact, I thought to the road, “Is that felt, it is now”  There I was quickly groping the road and then I gave it a quick right knee to the groin.  The short outburst of joyagony was mine but boy, was the road embarrassed.

I thought about it and realized it was me not the road and instead of sticking around for some to see if the road was okay or if it needed any counseling or a some slow sweet pillow talk in a walk back to the Y, the run needed to be continued.  So I walked off and started running as soon as I could.  “Sorry baby, but the run must be finished.”

On another note, if you are carrying your phone in a down pour do not put it in the pocket of your water resistant pants.  It will get rain in it and then not drain properly.  The phone is recovering.  One of the screens is working but the other may be out for the count. 

The best part was when it was all done I walked back into the Y and saw the sign that said “wet floor.”  I looked at the card checker person and said “wet floor?  How about wet person.”  Then I proceeded to leave a small river behind me as I went to go stretch.


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