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Race Report:Fairmount Turkey Trot (Anniversary Edition)

Happy anniversary Blog.  A year ago you had your first entry and it was all about this very race.  It has been a fantastic journey with shrinking PRs and swelling tendons.  I have chronicled my training and my races.  I have the ever continuing Physical TheRapist Tales, and random hallucinations.  Now I enter my second year with trepidation.  What ever that means.  It sound cool though. 


I have had this nervous issue lately.  Every time, I run I cannot tell how it is going to work for me.  It could be an okay run, a great run or this total piece of dog dirt that barely is worth putting in my running log.  It will go in because they count as miles and miles are most important thing of all.  Really, I would have better chance at solving super string theory or figuring out what happens when the Enterprise turns its head lights on at warp speed.  So I was warming up for the Fairmount Park Turkey Trot 5 miler.  Of course I wore last years shirt.  I had to make sure that all of those first timers knew that I was a veteran of the race.  How else shall I maintain my total awesomeness amongst other runners.  I was toed up in the middle of the pack.  I knew that it would take a little bit of time to warm everything up.  And then it started.

Never mind it all.  Every year I have run this race.  That is 3 years now.  I have forgotten to get anything to drink, so I get about 150 meters out and my mouth is dry as can be.  Why won’t I learn.  Take mental note, remember water before race.  Either way, it takes my mind off of the cold Achilles.  I am off and things are okay.  In taking all of the time off for recovery I have lost any sense of my pace.  I just go at an effort I think I can maintain.  Then I hit the mile marker.  Not literally, but I put the first mile behind me in 8:30.  Not bad, I was thinking of maybe a 9 minute/mile pace but this is a good start.  I can ease up a little and set it in cruise control. 

I finish the first loop and manage to get about 75% of the water from the cup into my mouth.  About 30% of that get swallowed.  No matter, it is about 22 minutes for the first half.  What a blast.  Now it is time to kick.

Yeah, right.  For 2.5 miles.  No I just keep it in high gear and push a little.  Mostly to look impressive to the other spectators.  I do have last years shirt on so appearances must be maintained.  Either way it felt good.  At about the 3.5 mile point I get passed by some inspiration so I pick up the pace a little but yet she is just a tad faster.  She must have been drafting me and conserving energy.  Anyhow, I keep it up and when I see the finish line I get that horrible vomit feeling in my stomach.  I kicked and finished in 43:20.  Not a PR but damn good for a recovery race. 

I earned my turkey and the cheese cake I had later, and more turkey, and yam, and beer, two glasses of wine, cherry pie, pumpkin pie, and stuffing oh how I love the stuffing.  Well, another fun race and happy Birthday to the Blog.


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