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I’m Back…I hurt

It was the funniest thing.  It was like being at the start of another Marathon.  I was so nervous.  I wasn’t sure I should do it and even when I decided to do I was not sure if I would finish.  Lets face it I haven’t had the will power I used to have.  Since two successive injuries and two big lay-offs I was unsure that I could ever really get back into my groove.  My speed is gone and I am back on my old regiment of Advil.  It was weird.  The other part of the thing is that I could cheat and cut everything short.  But I did it any way.  I decided that there was no pressure just go and keep going.  LSD, baby.  I had my first 20 mile run back.

What a great feeling.  I could not believe I was nervous about this.  Well, see here, Delaware is so damn small that I am hard pressed to find a way to run a 20 miler.  I had thought about running around Wilmington till I hit the Y at about the 10 mile point and turn around but if you looked at the elevation profile I would be climbing in and out of the Brandywine River Valley at least 4 times.  I could do it but I didn’t want to.  Then is struck me.  Over the summer I was biking on Sunday’s into Fairmount Park in Philly.  The main drag around the SureKill River is about 8 and a half.  All I need to do is extend that out another 1.5 and then I got a 10 mile loop.  Plus, if I park at one point I can store fuel and water at the car for pick up at 1 lap and there is a water fountain at another point for extra hydration.  Great, I had a plan and an route I was off to a great start.

Hiccup #1.  It is winterery in Philly (and Delaware) right now and they have turned the water off to the water fountain.  The good part is that it is winter and I really don’t dehydrate much in the winter.  At least all they did was turn off the water and not turn on the sand.  That would have been embarrassing to get a mouth full of sand from the fountain.  (Think about it.  Now shake you head in annoyance.)  I moved on.  There was a nice wind and the wind chill was around 10F at best.  Even better.  I am running along the boat house row and then I see Rowers out on the water practicing.  People think know I am crazy. Either way I was so stunned I was chicked.  That was okay, I was on LSD. 

No I was not running high.  That would come later.  L.S.D =  Long Slow Distance.  And I was doing just that.  I at one point was feeling real great and was going fast.  I said to myself. “Self, slow down and conserve it is still early.”  Self said,”Awww, but the brain is saying go harder.”

“What did I tell you about that Brain”

Self submits” Brain bad, I know.  Slow down commencing.”

And I did ease up a little.  I crossed the bridge and all was going well.  Then the Hiccup #B happened.  One of the gates I was hoping to be open was closed.  So I rerouted.  It took me about an eighth of a mile out of my way.  Whats a half of a lap among friends.  Either way I got back to the car and was feeling great.  I had only almost gotten run down twice by the same woman in some suburban assault vehicle on a cell phone.  I really need to carry a paint ball gun.  Either way, I decided that I did not want to deal with the head wind on the long stretch on the other end of the river so I reversed course.  This is where the Three Way Wind came in to play.  I should have known better.

Either way all was going great.  The very next day was the Philly Marathon and I was running by the course.  I saw the Porto-Lets being set up and the First Aid Station tents up and ready.  I thought about the First Aid tents as I ran by them and realized they should be called the “Oh My Gawd, What Have I Gotten Myself Into Tents”

About this time, the best thing happened.  My knees started to hurt.  You might not think of this a bad but I measure my injury recovery by when my old injuries started to hurt again.  I did not feel my heal or my hip or the feet hurt.  My knee’s ached.  What a great feeling.

Well, I finished strong and then came the worst part.  I was describing it to Rachael yesterday as we were watching the Indy Iron-Man on Vs.  The worst part of any race, the finish.  I hate stopping.  I could have run another lap and gave it some serious thought but instead I stopped and celebrated a little before it all came crashing down.

Either way, I am back.  20 miles down and no real issues.  Oh yeah, did I mention that I hurt.  I’ll be running this evening for a shake down.  Wish me luck.


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