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Keeping the Tank Full (Fueling)

It seems that when it comes to running that there are so many important things to keep in mind.  We worry about our shoes.  We make sure we have our “glide” in all the right spots.  The weather dictates what cap I have on and the layers I need.  Some of us have our Garmins to make sure we know our exact position in an ever expanding universe.  I just have a cell phone to tell me the time but I am a purest (dinosaur).  All of that stuff can vary from runner to runner and situation to situation.

The most variance of all things is not shoes and socks but fueling.  Honestly, we can go from ensuring a full stock of products with us during our long runs to forgoing all fuel till the very end.  What is the best method. 

Share your Fueling strategies.

I have been guilty of waking up heading out the door and catching a quick 10k on an empty stomach.  As a matter of fact my only fueling for up to an hour after that would be a cup or two of coffee that was waiting in the pot at the Y.  At other times like races I will make out well concocted plans.  At least I think they are good plans.  Some of these plans start a week prior to the race and some don’t start till I wake up the morning of the race. 

Share your Fueling strategies.

I am not alone my main-man Dave has fueling plans that work out to 2 days prior to his marathon.  Here it goes.  The dude really has it together.  When we first started discussing fueling a couple of years ago it was much simpler.  He introduced me to e-gel from Crank Sports and that is my current choices.  Thanks Dave for you input. 

As for my big run fueling.  Mine is not so elaborate, yet.  I start out a couple of days early with some more balance in my meal selections.  I tend toward pasta or noodle soups in the dinner slot and would prefer some rice dishes for the complex carbs thing.  The night before a marathon I will go for the pasta.  Last year at the Marine Corps Marathon, my parents and Space’s parents joined the family at Italian.  I know it sounds cliche’ but I had some lasagna and mostly just had a good time with the family.  It was at that point that I realized that is the most important part about the “Pasta Dinner,”  the family.  Balance is the key to that last supper, not just food but the people who know you best.  I did the same at The Flying Pig with a noodle soup at Shanghai Mamma’s.  I can’t wait for disney, my grandmother will be there this time.

Share your Fueling strategies.

On race day, I wake up to a waffle or toast.  By that time my stomach is in knots from the nerves.  Either way, I make my way to the race and once I am ready to enter the corals, I take an e-gel.  After that my fueling plan is this.  1 e-gel at: 10k, half point, and 30k.  For the most part I stick to water at aid stations till about mile 22 then I get what ever I can get my hands on.  I also, have partaked in twizzlers because someone handed me one, orange slices, and other small things.  (Skittles bad)  A warning, if you are a point and you think you are doing fine and can skip that gel.  Don’t!!  I did at The Flying Pig on the 30k point and zonked at mile 21.  It was too late and I made a huge mistake.  After a marathon, I take what ever I can get my salty hands on after the finish line.  The funny part is most of it goes to Rachael’s because she is starving from waiting for me for 4+ hours.  I almost forgot the most important fuel… Advil

Well, if you have gotten this far please head over to the Fueling Tab and share your strategery.  It does not have to be for marathons just what ever gets your tank fueled up.  Thanks.

Share your Fueling strategies.


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  1. Fueling is so important. I am always really careful around a bigger run, but for a 5K I usually grab a powerbar and some OJ or Gatorade…then really fill up post-race.

    Share your Fueling strategies.


  2. […] I was starting to warm up to about 35 degrees and the rain had stopped.  I was working out my fueling strategy for the run so I was e-gelling it the whole way even at mile 18 with only 2 miles to go.  I was at […]


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