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An Autum Run in Delaware

So here I was on the next road to recovery working out the end of a fantastic 32.5mile week.  I had one last 10k on saturday morning.  I got the Y a little late but all was good.  I had an hour to run and an hour to stretch and clean up before I had to be anywhere.  Sorry Josie, no Triathlon today.  I will work those abs and arms another day.  Either way, I head out and things feel okay.  I have to start a little slower to get my heel and shins to warm up but after about a half mile I am up to speed.  I figure it would be good time for a moderate Tempo Run. 


It seems like I am redefining training techniques as I go.  Tempo runs are supposed to be 30 seconds faster than race pace maintained.  My problem is that I do not carry a watch so I just pick and effort and go.  In my mind the effort is more important than the pace.  If I get tied to a clock then I am more or less dragged down by it.  Either way I will move on.


I was moving along some neighborhood road when up ahead I see this beautiful two color basset hound.  She is really moving at a good pace.  This is unusual because my Basset is perfect at the 5 yard dash then he will hit the ground with a thud for a nap.  I pass the Basset and her person and say hi.  Turns out she is only two years old and still has some energy.  Big difference, when mine is nine.  You couldn’t find a gray hair on this puppy whereas I find more grey hairs in the carpet than in the mirror. 

Well, I went back on my run and things were going very well for me.  I was feeling real good and the course was working out perfect.  It started to rain a little which makes no difference to me.  I kind of prefer the rain.  I saw a few runners out and about.  My route takes me by the DuPont Country Club.  What a well groomed golf course.  I think they can keep it that way by not letting anybody golf on it.  I have run or driven by the Club several times in the past few months and I cannot remember ever seeing anyone golfing on it.  Either way, if I could do trail running on a golf course I would consider trails a whole lot more. 


A few more turn later and I look up to find this fantastic scene with a rural road with the Autum leaves falling.  I was thinking what a site.  I have seen some great things like Lunar Eclipses, slanting rain, and other hallucinationsbut this was almost a painting.  Then a few meters later a church comes into view.

From On an Autum Run

Now what this picture is missing is the falling leaves.  By the time I got back most had already fallen.  Eitherway, it was just one of those beautiful sights that you can only appreciate going 6.5 miles an hour.

I passed the church and continued on my route.  I have been amazed at how runner friendly Delaware is.  There are these large multipurpose lanes that are mostly used by bikers and runners.  Occasionally, a car is parked there and that is okay.  They are not unkempt shoulders but drivable road designated for not driving upon.  So awesome.

Then I turn a corner onto a road that does not have the luxury of extra lane and there is a caution-runner sign.  You might think it is just a walker/crosswalk sign like this one.

From On an Autum Run

But no, this is a Runner sign.  See…

From On an Autum Run

Of course I think the speed limit is for cars because even Usain Bolt would have a hard time maintaining that kind of speed.

Eitherway, another fantastic run with some great scenes.


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