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Heritics of TheRapist:Tyranny against Runners or Running Through the Pain

When we last saw our hero it was looking like we may never see him run again.  Would he just endure the pain while reading Bart Yasso’s insightful prose.  “Help me Obi Wan Yasso, you are my only hope.” We heard in morning prayers before bare feet hit the unforgiving floor.  We take you back (momentarily) what seem like a long time ago in a Physical TheRapist’s office.  It seems like it has been eons since an actual stride had pounded the pavement and felt the 6 mile an hour wind pass past his ears.  But before that we move to a very important conversation while driving home from the all important Y:

Rachaelsdaddy:  So the mean TheRapist won’t let me run.

Rachael:  Why?  You need to run.

Rachaelsdaddy:  That’s what I told her but she wants me to stay off the road.

Rachael:  She is so mean. 

Rachaelsdaddy:  That’s what I said but she is probably right.  I just need to get back to training for Goofy.

Rachael:  That doesn’t matter as long as I get to go to Disney.

(fade to black with laughter in background)

Rachaelsdaddy:  I really need to get back to running.

TheRapist:  You are making progress but I don’t think you are ready.

Rachaelsdaddy:  We are at 15 weeks and I need to get to training.

TheRapist:  When is the Marathon?

Rachaeldaddy:  January.  I really need to get out there.  My family cannot take much more of this and cross training is so boring.

TheRapist:  You runners.  I swear.  -sigh- Give me one more week and we will see.  You need to keep up with the cross training.  If you start running to soon you could …(insert medical stuff about achilless, something about the chronic which was a great album.) We would only be playing catch up and if things go bad (Insert more medical…) … Achilles rupture.  And that would be bad.

Rachaelsdaddy:  (Giving best sad puppy dog look.)  I guess you are right.  I will wait.  But I cannot wait too much longer. 


You see how this went and our hero is grounded still but it will get better.  Well, the pain is still excruciating and then.

TheRapist:  We have some more exercises for you to do. 

Rachaelsdaddy:  Okay.

Our hero has to stand on a box and lift his adonis like body up with just one foot on each side and switch up three times.  By this time things are feeling great and that week has gone by. 

Rachaelsdaddy:  Okay I waited a week can I run.

TheRapist:  -sigh-  Okay a little on a soft surface.  You can run a couple of miles.  But DO NOT RUN THROUGH THE PAIN!!!!!

A confused look turns to our hero’s inner Monologue. 

Rachaelsdaddy:  What does she mean by that? I am not sure I understand that concept.  Should I ask or will that cause trouble. 

The confused look turns into a big shit eating grin on our hero’s face back to inner monologue.

Rachaelsdaddy:  She just said I could run.  Just nod and get the hell out of there.

Rachaelsdaddy:  Okay.


Then on that next Saturday….


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