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TheRapist Chonicles, Part III: This side is done, now Flip

Well, I got to say.  I still hurts when my TheRapist jabs a thumb into my foot.  Things were a little different.   First off I decided to ruin a good lunch.  The appointment was at noon and I had to skarf down a turkey sandwich at about 11:30.  I was hungry and it was good.  Well, what little I tasted of it as it went speeding past my taste buds.

Pretty much the same treatment.  I got warmed up with moist heat.  Then the ultrasonic thing.  She probed around a little to hit the really hurty spots.  Those actually hurt.  Here is the real change.  I did this on my back with my feet elevated.  I decided to try it out to see if it was better than belly bound.  The elevation was removed and I actually got some warning that I was going to be in agony.

There is was.  The jab in the foot.  What was this woman trying to do.  I think it is a mechanism to get people to stop getting injured.  I mean if this is what I have to go through every time I get injured then I will avoid it in the future.  I hear of these trails that are padded with down feathers that have amazing traction, and always with a head wind ever so slight so as to rustle the hair (what little I have left).  On this mythical trail, no one would get injured, we would all run like Ryan Hall, and pains would be non-existent.  I shall run there from now on if it will just keep me from getting slammed in the foot with a strong thumb. 

Of course I was reading while being tortured.  Bart Yasso’s book is fantastic.  It has some of the funniest stuff ever.  The TheRapist was having trouble figuring out if I was laughing at the book or at the pain.  I informed her that it was both.  I tend to laugh at pain.  I think it is frustration thing and allows for a cool calm transition in crying.  That is if I was not a guy.  Men like me don’t cry…except for legitimate reason like horrible injuries, dog dying, the final episode of M*A*S*H, or when Angel tell Buffy that he is leaving.  Wait that is Space.  Ha! 

Back to the torture.

We flexed the ankle a little and the like.  The biggest problem was my thighs were constantly contracted.  It was real tiring and I didn’t like it.  We moved on to the stretching and the bike.  Nothing new.  And I am already getting used to the Stimulator.  (The electrocution I mention previously)

In conclusion.  I think belly bound is the way to go till the force me other wise.  I may mix it up with them and lie on my side just the mess with the TheRapist.  The best part is I was on my feet the entirety of that afternoon and my achilles felt fantastic.  It felt so good that my knee was starting to bother me.  When I can feel an old nagging injury or something else hurts then I know the current injury is on the mend. 

Well, I got another date with the TheRapist today, another lunch ruined.  Help me Yasso you are my only hope.


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