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Argh!!! My body hates me

It has been a while since my last post.  I must say it has been a real troubling few weeks.  Let me sum up.

About a month ago I had looked at the calender and realized there were only 6 weeks between the Philly Marathon and the Disney Marathon weekend.  This concerned me because if anything were to go wrong during Philly then:

  1. I would not be smart enough to stop because finishing is paramount.
  2. I would have a very short recovery before Disney
  3. I would not give up Disney so I would probably do more damage. 

That was okay.  I needed to run a half marathon this year anyway so I decided to go for the half instead.  Why not.  I would be fun and I should avoid any real risk of hurting myself by going to long.  I thought about even making it a fall of halfs.  Like this weeks Philly Distance Run and the Akron Half which I ran last year and was a bunch of fun.  There were even halfs in other places that I could run.  Again, speed work for the long Goofy Challenge. 

This sounded like a great plan then Labor day struck.  I woke up late but decided to get out for a quick 6 mile run.  I was real stiff and my heels were not quite feeling good.  Well, I got a mile out and my right heel felt real bad and the Achilles was in big time pain. 

Now listen well, I have learned in my not so very old age.  In the old days, I would have kept running till I was done.  Pain is temporary and my brain could handle it.  Besides I had already taken a break from the injury incurred at the Cleveland Marathon.  But on this day I listened to my body and stopped.  I tried to stretch and go but that made not matter.  I decided it was time to turn around and get me some ice.  I was about a mile out but I was knew I was doing the right thing.  I got back home and stretched some more and jumped into the ice bath.  I decided some key things in that bath. 

  • I would not be running the next day or Thursday or Saturday or the next Sunday for my long run.  I was going to take some time off because I am injured.
  • I would see a doctor.  A sports medicine doctor. 

In between, the time I decided this and I could get to the doctors office two weeks had passed.  I had not run and cross training was killing me.  I wanted to be out there.  But every time my heel hurt it was a reminder that I needed professional help.  😛 

Well, I went to the sports medicine doctor (Dr. Tony Reed) and he diagnosed a little plantar faciatis and Achilles tendinitis.  What a bummer.  But he assured me that I could still get to Disney.  What a relief because I was going to do it no matter what.  He affirmed that my laying off the running was the right thing to do but the brain says no.  He also prescribed physical therapy. 

I went to my first physical therapy today and let me tell you what I learned.  It hurts when the poke there and stretch there and that all the hurt will make it better in the end.  The lady (my physical therapist) assured me that I should be able to get back to my training.  The cross training is still recommended for now and she plans on getting me back on the road soon.  I have 9 appointments scheduled so far and we shall see.  I guess I shall be chronicling it as it goes by.

I sure do miss running and the temperature is turning cool as if to taunt me.  Well, I shake my fist at you weather.  I shall over come and run again.  Achilles says bring it.  Oh its on.


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