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Running for Recovery (my recovery)

Well, as I stated in my last post I injured myself real bad at the Cleveland marathon.  I decided to listen to my body for once and took the month of June off.  Well most of it.

I swam every couple of days.  This was fine it was no impact and got the blood a pumping.  I am sure it helped a little.  I also used that cursed elliptical machine.  It is great in some respects but I hate it.  It just stands there and I get the view of the wall.  I guess I could go to the one with a TV in front of it but that is not what I am looking for when I run or exercise.  When I run I love seeing the things I go by.  I attempt to pay attention to where my foot is striking.  It is part of the challenge to avoid the uncertainties of the road or trail.  Of course I don’t do a very good job of that.  I lost count of how many times I have turned and ankle, or slipped on ice.  I recover and move on.  This the fun part.  There is also that breeze or lack of one.  The three-way wind is part of that joy of running. And what is up with those hills on the display screen.  The up hills are definitely up but the down hills are just less up hill.  What good is running if you cannot make those quads burn and the shins strain.

Either way, the elliptical was my substitute for running in during my Saturday Morning Triathalon.  The stability ball class and Aqua social hour were still in full effect.  The stunning part is that Josie let me off the hook during my injury.  I should get injured more often so I don’t have to do V’s or the like.  Those things are killer.

Well, lets say this 3 week period (maybe it was 4) seemed like 3 months.  I was itching to get back into the run.  I am sure Space could have attested to my irritability.  It was like climbing walls but on a bad hip.  I couldn’t stop thinking about going running and I woke up many nights just wanting to go out for a jog.  Anything to scratch the itch. 

And then…  I went running. 

I must say it was not the best.  I went to the track and did two mile repeats with some easy laps in between.  My legs were on fire.  They had not moved like that in several weeks and the blood rushing to the surface was very irritating.  Either way it worked.  In that time I have been adding the mileage gradually and all is good.

A few things of note:

  • My speed was gone.  It was weird to put in same effort or more and find out that you ran a very slow 5k. 
  • With the injury to the right leg my strides are different for each leg.  I had to concentrate to get them into some sort of symmetry.
  • With regards to speed, I have found that I have lost some control.  I need to gear back on my runs to a slower pace but my speedometer is broke. 
  • Biking has taken the place of my long Sunday runs till I get back into those miles.  It is nice but I see so many runners out and it pains me.  Fear not brothers I will be rejoining you.
  • Walking good.  Running through the pain is satisfying but as bad as listening to the brain.  I ain’t proud.
  • Walking bad.  I feel better when I am running (or walking during a run).  When I am walking around during the day everything hurts.  The stride and foot strike is just too different.
  • Races come and go but my Athletic Supports are forever.  (thanks Tupac)

I am sure there is more to this but my recovery is on.  Just bring it.


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