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Flying Pig Eve

Well it is the night before the Flying Pig Marathon and things are getting exciting.  We got in on Friday and rested up with some Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica.  I didn’t get very far before I was out like a light.

The morning started off great.  Freshen up then down to the first floor for some powdered eggs and tar like coffee.  I knew this would catch up with me later and it did.  Lets just say anybody walking behind me knew what I was eating.  Almost Sulfurous.  As a matter of fact it is still a matter of diffusion.  Look it up. 

We got to the car and toured around a 4×4 block area of Cincinnati a couple of times.  I passed the same parking space at least three times before I made the decision to park there.  We walked our way to the Expo.  It was great.  There were plenty of flying pigs and other pig related materials.  We picked up some noise makers.  I got a lot of free snakes.  The Larabars were fantastic.  I went back a couple of times for more.  The clif drink was kind of disgusting.  And I got some free socks from Pearl Izumi for just trying on the shoes.  The Syncro Guides have changed a little but they are not what they need to be for me to go back to them.   I thought that at that moment I should have brought my old Pearls just so they could get the experience of the Marathon.  Oh well. 

As far as swag we got a nice Flying Pig embroidered gym bag, a tec shirt and a Flying Pig Poster.  Kind of cool.  I really like the bag.  We back tracked and I got to see Bart Yasso talk about his first Badwater race.  It was cool hearing about the experience.  He is the Cheif Running Officer of Runners World.  I think I may ask fro that promotion at work. 

Rae was getting kind of board and we headed for the Zoo.  The Cincy Zoo is real awesome.  This seems to be a marathon traditions for the Clan.  All zoos are good and Rae loves them.  It was a great walk around the park but time for lunch. 

Space found a nice diner called “Hathaways Coffee Shop”  Good diner food.  You really can’t go wrong with diner food.  Burgers, fries, milk shakes.  Ummmm… milkshakes. 

We went back to the expo.  I love expos.  More stuff and free food. 

Afterwards, back to the hotel for some rest and Kentucky Derby.  Poor Eight Belles.  Good racing and to see a fantastic specimen go down like that.  It reminds us just how fragile we all are.

Now that we are all sad and down lets back to the fun.  The hotel is walking distance from the start line we we walked it to get our bearings and then on the Shanghi Mamas for dinner.  A great Thai Noodle place.  This was a real find in the Cincinnati magazine Space found.  Better than the usual Italian.

We walked back the hotel in the Dark.  Not the smartest move but the only way home.  I have laid out my stuff for tomorrow morning and here I am in just my running shorts watching Major league.  I am ready for bed.  Tomorrow will be fun.  See you after wards.


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  1. The start of the Flying Pig Marathon was delayed — and the race rerouted — because of an overnight fire along the route.
    The race began at 6:45 a.m. — 15 minutes after the scheduled start. In early discussions, race officials thought the delay might be several hours.
    More details at:


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