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Race Report: Run For Your Life 5kand Bedford 5 mile

Run for Your Life or Run for your title.  Last year I had a terrible race and still won my age division.  As I was driving into Berea for the 5k I was thinking that the way I have been running I should be able to clean up again and get another cool trophy.  The winning bug has gotten me. 

Either way it was running and for some reason I decided to bring The Booger (my basset hound) along anyway.  It would be his first race but since it was at the Cuyahoga County Fair Grounds it would be fun for him.  It was so funny.  He is a very social dog with a big nose and he went into sensory overload with all of the people, smells, other dogs and food.  I found out that he does not like bananas.  It is awful to have wasted it but now I know not give any to him.  Either way it was great.  I had my whole family there at the race.  I don’t count the cat.  She exists to sleep, eat and get in my way.  Besides, it is endlessly amusing when she is on a leash.  She has no idea that she cannot go where ever she wants.  She runs and her legs will shoot out forward like in a cartoon when she reaches the end of the leash.  Either way The Booger ,who’s real name is Copernicus, did have some overwhelming anxiety but seemed to have a good time other wise.  

My race was just as I had planned.  I went out strong but at a pace I was comfortable with.  It was sub 7 minute and exactly where I wanted to be.  It was fun to see some of the younger men go out real fast at the start.  The enthusiasm of boys can get the best of them.  I saw a few be able to slow down to a workable pace but most made it about a half a mile and had to come to shuffle or walk even.  I certainly hope that they continue with their running and find a good coach that can help with pacing.  Either way, since this was a 5k I was not worried about negative splits or anything.  I was needed to go out fast and keep what ever momentum I could muster going.  I finished in 22:25.  Another PR and on fantastic race.  This year it earned my a 3rd place in division and I couldn’t be prouder.  It was stiff competition and I have enjoyed my progress over the past few months. 

This Morning was the Bedford 5 mile Run and Pancake Breakfast.  Another rainy day.  If you look at my training log, you would see that I was nursing some foot injuries and foolishly ran a long run just the day before.  Either way, I was feeling good.  On a sad but not really sad note, my friend Dave and his wife Josie could not make it to the race this year.  He is in Boston getting ready to run this Patriots day.  You Rock Dave. 

Either way I had a plan.  Go out strong but easy and try and maintain pace for the first 3 miles.  Then if I had more in me I would try to push harder.  I did just that.  I, of course, was fast in the first mile at 7:30 but I settled in to an easy pace at a little below 8 minutes and kept it there.  I was able to keep the pace and it alowed me to pass some people as the miles ticked off and they were slowing up.  I just felt good except for where my shoe kind of rubbed my foot raw.  It’s okay and it will heal.  It was weird when people that had passed me in the first mile started to drop off.  I know this is what I looked like in the years past.  I used to start like I had just robbed a 7-11.  I could put up some fast first miles but I really trailed off and it was like driving in first gear in the fast lane.  Just remember people Dust is choking hazard so pass with care. 

Now I plan my runs.  It is weird.  Before this year, the last time I planned a race was the 1 mile race at Tabb high school in my 11th grade year.  I determined the split times I needed to contend with Kenny Outlaw.  He was the fastest in the district and I made it my mission to beat him.  It was a 1:25ish lap and I was certain I could do it.  The gun went off and I was on his tail. Nothing could shake me and by the 4th turn of the first lap we were alone with the rest of the group 50 meters behind us.  We hit the start finish line and I heard 59 seconds.  My heart dropped.  I had not done my home work.  Mr. Outlaw was an 800 runner and he also ran the mile.  His strategy was to sprint the first two laps, get a lead and hold off the competition for the next two laps.  It was a brilliant strategy.  I was sunk because I spent too much energy on the first lap.  Either way, shortly after that race Kenny and I struck up a friendship and he continued to kick my butt for the next two years.  I got closer but never was able to keep up.  Back to the race.

Well, I came up on the track at Bedford Stadium and things just fell into place.  There is nothing quite like finishing a race on the compound of a track and I just kicked my way to a 39:16 and another PR.  You might think that was the best part but the middle layer of my 5 mile cake was a top place in the clydesdale division.  And the very best part of all, all you can eat pancakes and french toast.  What else could you ask for on a Sunday Morning. 


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