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Space’s Victory:Jog into Spring Race Report

I have been waiting a long time for this. Actually I was not certain it was going to happen. It was just one of those things that I figured might never happen. I mean of all the impossible things that I thought could never happen. Jen performing a coup de courir on us all by running a race would have been on top of that list. I would have been wrong, wouldn’t I?

I’m sorry was there a question in there? Of all the impossible things my Space running a race and I mean running it. There was nothing impossible about that. From CompleteRunning.com archives.

Jim Goodwin on Life

The impossible is often untried. –Jim Goodwin

There we were toed up to the line waiting for that horrible bell to ring to start the 5k and the 1 mile run simultaneously. The bell rings and she takes off. A mile in 13minutes and some change. I could not have been so proud. I heard there was some confusion about the course for the 1 mile run so it was probably longer. Hermes seems to have slacked off a little with the smaller races. I hope this isn’t a trend. My only regret is that I was not there to see her run. I was off on my own trek through the 5k course.

My race was fantastic. That bell went off and my beautiful piston like calves went into action propelling my faster and faster through the first mile. I felt this was the year to place in my Clydesdale division. The problem was that given the competition from last year I knew I had to put up a PR to do it. The whole thing is very unusual. My intentions are not to compete with the others just myself. But this one was in reach and I knew I had a chance. Either way at 7:15 I crossed the 1 mile mark and kept on moving. 14:5? and I flew on by the 2 mile point and then comes my slowest mile. It is always the case. No matter how much I think I am pushing that last mile is always the slowest. It is okay but one day I will suprise myself. I finished in 22:57. 12 seconds behind 3rd place.

It’s cool. Another PR and one fantastic race. I love these Independence races. The courses are challenging and still fast. The facilities make these races all the better. I couldn’t ask for much more.

Again congratulations Space. I look forward to the next race with you and day that I am your Athletic Supporter cheering you on from the sidelines.


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