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St. Malachi Run Race Report

Today I put a real stomp on.  It was the St. Malachi Run.  I ran both the 2 and 5 mile races.  I really like it when the short and long races are not simultaneous.  It allows for things like what I do or possibly supporting my running friends and possibly family during the other race.  Well this was my chance to get some real speed work in.  I had a plan.  I was going to go real hard on the 2 mile and let up a a little on the 5.  Well part 1 of the plan went real well.  I stomped out a 13:38 which is over two minutes better than last year.  I was just moving and it felt great.  That hill at the beginning and the end is killer.  I still hate going down hill more than going up. 

Part B of the plan was not so well executed.  Let me explain.   I was looking for a nice 9 minute mile pace.  Something that was pushing but not all out.  There were other parts to the plan.  I was going to stratagize.  I wanted to take it easy on the first half of the race and then turn on the jets for the second half.  I wanted to try that negative split thing everybody keeps telling my about.  Well, with a finish time of 39:19 you can guess that my 9 minute mile idea did not quite work.  The negative split thing was perfect.  I did go out a little strong in the first mile but that always happens.  I decided to back off a little and kind of enjoy the run.  The second mile was in about 8:30 which put me where I wanted to be.  By the 2.5 mile point I knew I had enough energy to pick up the pace and I did.  I just got faster and at mile 3  I was at 24:03.  Totally perfect.  Time to push.  I knew I had a slow moment coming with that big hill at the end so I had to make up some valuable seconds before that.  It happened and I set two PR’s in one day.  This is weird.

I won’t let it go to my head.  I cannot go out expecting to PR every time I race but it is fun while it lasts.  Back to training next week. 


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