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So we meet again Mr. Brooks Trance

Here we are.  My freinds the Pearl Izumi’s didn’t quite make it to the big show and I have to move on and move forward.  I think fondly of those fine red shoes but the time has come.  I went back to Fleet Feet and found you to be the most desirable. It is funny because not a year ago I was running in your older cousin the Trance 6.  I was happy with you guys till my feet started to loose some weight and the blisters started invading my feet.  It was not their fault but I moved on.  Well this time again you were put on my feet and you felt fantastic.  Then this odd thing happened a voice in my ear said try the inserts.  It was a nagging voice.  It was Space.  I tried them and you felt even better. 

How is that specifically engineered high tech shoes like you can be improved upon like that.  I know there are those super shoe strings that never come untied at unwanted times and that was pretty much the only improvement I thought was needed.  I was wrong.  The insert kind of stabilized my foot to work even better with you and you cushioning and support.  What a great concept. 

Well, it is about time that you show that you can handle the road ahead.  We have a lot of miles to cover.  We have already gone over the the standard short courses.  You have been broken in and now comes the races.  I look forward to our adventure and hope you can step up.  You have some very big feet to hold.  Lets run.


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