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A life too short. Remembering a good pair of shoe tragically struck down in its prime.

It was not that long ago that I said goodbye to my Mizuno’s.  Oh how they ran.   I introduced you all to my new Pearl Izumi’s.  They were fantastic.  The insides were seamless and there was a little extra cushion in the mid sole.  Well, it took me a month to beat that out of them. 

It was fantastic.  I could lace those babies up and just run.  It was like scene where two lovers were running toward each other in a field with great big floating leaps like they were filled with helium except there voices were normal.  Kind of like that.  I remember you when you were all clean.  Your red was vibrant.  There was no exception to your reflective strips and the white parts were actually white.  It almost seemed like I was committing some crime when you got dirty.  I tried to clean you off but the miles were showing and I could not stop the antiqued look.

Pearl Izumi’s

We ran through these fantastic rains where my feet were soaked but we trudged on.  Mile and miles were put on.  This was base training and we were reaching our goal of nothing.  I was running just for the sake of running and you were what carried me there.  Remember that time when we were running on ice and we couldn’t keep traction.  I kept running in one direction and is was like were were doing the moon walk as we went the other direction.  It wasn’t your fault.  No running shoe was designed to handle that ice.  I am just glad I survived it so we could run together again.  We made up the tower, then ran for some Chili and finally tried to Catch a Leprechaun.  (Frank you are just too fast 🙂 )

Shoe Death

It was when I was at the Chili Bowl Classic when we noticed that something was not quite right.  Sure you still felt good and I had just stomped out a sub 24minute 5k.  But as I was stretching we discovered that you had been wounded.  You out-sole was wearing down to the plastic in the cushioning.  Oh no.  Back in the old days we would have invested in some shoe goo and tried to mend the injury.  But you are an advanced piece of technology where every part is specifically engineered and shoe goo would have turned you into the technical equivalent of payless sneakers. 

I decided to keep you in service because of other obligations you had signed on for.  We survived another couple of weeks till the Catch a Leprechaun 30k where you informed me at about mile 12 that you were ready to retire.  I was reluctant.  Since I started running marathons last year I had essentially had one pair of shoes for each marathon.  I was certain that you deserved that honor.  You were and still are but the timing was not right. 

We had a last horah with a 5k training run through a blizzard and about a foot of snow followed by a 20 miler the next day.  Again you served me well and I salute you for your efforts.  It is time to move on.  Another pair of shoes has come on the scene to protect my feet from the rigors for the road.  It has been a fantastic 436 miles and as I have said before you have been replaced but never forgotten.  Especially since you were stricken down much too soon.  Thanks again and goodbye old friends. 


2 Responses

  1. Classic. Alas you had to move on. I’ll keep you in my thoughts as you recover from this tragic event. If I can do anything, let me know.

    Nice… I dug this. Very funny… my first trip to your blog.


  2. […] Either way, it has been a good run. You lasted about as long as a good pair of running shoes and you know how much I get choked up about that. […]


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