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What Keeps Me Running (Runner’s World Question of the Moment)

    I was on runnersworld.com and saw a link that said What Keeps You Running? Tell Us!

I thought about for a moment and there were some critical questions that were asked. Along with the first one.

* How do you get out the door when it’s too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy?
* Do you train for races to stay motivated?
* If so, how does competition help motivate you?
* How do other runners inspire you?
* What’s your primary motivation for running—to lose weight, relieve stress, stay fit, run really fast?
* Music-listeners, what kind of music do you listen to?
* How do you reward yourself after a hard effort?

What is it that keeps me running. I know what it is and the like so I posted a reply. I could elaborate more but at the very least below was my response.


I equate running to the universes most potent addiction. More than my old smoking habit and more than Heroin. I cannot see me not running. I don’t need to run fast but that helps. If I miss a run it brings me down or I start to get an itch to go out running. I have dreams about running and on those missed days I have woken up in cold sweats willing to go out in the middle of the night for a quick workout. I have actually done it.
With regards to the weather I relish winter training. I tend to overheat and would rather go out in the cold. I can shed if I need to when it is cold. If it is hot I might get arrested if I try to shed too much. Rain and wind is just another challenge that I look forward to taking on. The heat is another story and early morning runs become the norm.

Races are a goal but they are just for fun and t-shirts. It is the training that I have the most fun on. I may drive across some killer hill that I in turn must conquer on Foot. e.g. The Cleveland Metropark’s Bedford reservation from Valley View to Bedford. That was fun.

My first marathon last May was a grueling experience but when I was finished I could not wait for the next one. The next on in October has solidified my love for it. The recovery is not so much fun. Not enough running. The swimming helps.

I have several running friends that I get together with at races and at the gym and we talk about our exploits. My friend Dave qualified for Boston and three weeks later ran another to help someone else qualify as well. It was so cool. The fellowship between runners of all levels make me feel a warm and fuzzy inside. Not enough sports are like that.

I really don’t run with others so much so I have my MP3 player. I tend to stick with up tempo rock and alternative music but tops on my list are:
SuperMan title theme, this gets me pumping
Gonna Fly Now from Rocky, those trumpets are fantastic
High Octane Salvation by the Dirtbombs, this just rocks
Science Fiction/Double Feature by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Yes the Rocky Horror theme song.

Though I usually run with my music sometimes I go out without it. It is a welcome change to run in the relative silence.

I cannot think of a better reward for a good hard work out than a good stretch and a load of food. I sometimes have to remind myself not to run more. Sometimes the best reward is the ice bath afterwards with a good book. Thirty minutes of that and a warm shower fixes things right up.
I run for the sake of running. I enjoy the freedom it gives me and I can spend some time working out the stresses of the past or just letting my mind flow through.


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