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3 Way Wind

The 3 way wind, if you are familiar, is the wind that will blow at you (or across you) when you are on a loop route in three of the 4 major directions. This is a close cousin to the 2 way wind which only come at you in out and back routes. Very rarely, when the stars are aligned, a four leaf clover has been found, economists have a positive outlook, or when the Pixies have recorded a new album. I mean really rare, is the wind at an advantage for those multiple directions. Occasionally the 4th direction is at your back and giving a helpful push. It is kind of like doing hill workouts when you can see the horizon miles away. Often it can induce amazing observations and hallucinations like slant rain or snow coming at you like you are going warp speed. More on that later.

I had decided to start the New Year off right with a good 15k run. It was really just my 10k loop plus my 3.1 mile loop. This had all of the potential for a great run and it was. It was at the start that I realized the wind that was blowing hard.

There I was stepping out of the front door of the Y, swinging my arms shaking my legs. This is a little of that Active stretching that looks more like me going into convulsions than doing any thing constructive. I turned the corner onto the sidewalk when all of a sudden I was still going the same direction just toward my left. The wind was blowing be toward the street. No problems though I lean into and keep going. This is going to be fun. Then the next turn is straight into the wind. Sounds like a problem but it isn’t.

This is why I run. I want the challenge. I enjoy the feel of the air rushing by me. Since I run at a pace of 9-10min/mile it usually feel like my small desk fan but today I had a full out sprint rushing past me. This must be what those elite gazelles hear in their ears when they lead the pack in races. I just push forward with more effort and a big smile.

Before the straight away ends the wind turns to my right side again. It is okay but not as much fun as in my face. Then another turn to the left and the wind is… to my right side again. Funny the wind must have turned again. The neighborhoods offer some relief. I become a student of aerodynamics when I hit the first intersection and almost get blown off of my feet. No houses to break the wind means funneled flow. The next intersection is coming and I will turn right and into the wind.

Interestingly enough, the wind is still to my right side. A few more turns and I effectively made a U-turn and I still have the wind at my right side. Lets recap. I was heading:

  • South with a cross wind
  • West with a cross wind
  • East with a cross wind

Finnally I turn to the north and the wind is at my back or non-existent. Maybe it because amongst many buildings in Bedford. Then I turn east again and the cross wind is there. Throughout my run the wind is blowing across me in three directions and negligible in one direction. It is the 3 Way Wind. What a fantastic way to start the New Year: A good run coupled with a meteorological phenomenon.


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  1. […] I recover and move on.  This the fun part.  There is also that breeze or lack of one.  The three-way wind is part of that joy of running. And what is up with those hills on the display screen.  The up […]


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