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Run to the Dentist, Run Away from the Dentist

I had a great run today. It could have been like every other saturday where I wake up and head over to the Y and run for 4-6 miles then go to stability ball class (that is another topic), and finish up with aquarobics (aka Aquasocial hour with Josie and Friends). But today I had a dentist appointment.
I started off with the first step three steps just fine. Wake, stage, run. But as I was finishing up my 4 mile run I knew I had alot left in me so I just ran the other half mile from the Y to the dentist. Wierd right? There I was infront of the office building removing my gel, MP3 player from my shirts back pockets and storing them away.
By the way, if you are at a point where you need to stretch and are in unfamilair teritory the US Postal Service has provided well secured devices for this purpose. USPS mail drop boxes are secured to the ground so you can lean on them to get that calf stretch in. The part where you pull the door to insert mail is perfect for your foot to work on you hamstrings and inner thigh. Of course you can use the box for holding yourself up during those horrible quad stretchs where you have to balance on one foot.
So I stretched and headed up to the second floor to get my teeth cleaned.
The dentist thinks i have good teeth and again no cavities. 🙂 That gritty stuff tastes horrible but now my teeth are clean. I felt a little bad about getting my sweatyness all over the dentist chair but I am sure they wiped it down afterwards.
Well, with my cleaning done I had a fresh mouth and rested legs. I felt great. So I ran back to the Y. It was interesting having a freshly professionaly cleaned mouth and running in cold weather.
Here is the great part I felt so good I went for another 6 mile run. There are so many real factors to my great running day like:
My recovery is complete and I am ready to step things up again.
I got a 20 minute break in the middle of the run and my legs stayed rested.
et. al.
But all pale in comparison to a dental appointment mid run. A fresh mouth can do wonders for you outlook.
Either way the next time you have a scheduled cleaning try running there and back. Sure you may slide off the chair with the excess persperation but the feeling of the wind rushing past our recently scraped teeth will turn that part to oblivion.


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