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Say Hello to my Little Friends (Is Size 12 Still Little?)

It was hard to put on the new pair today. My old pair were sitting on the floor waiting but I had just said good by.
It was my turn to try the Pearl Izumi SynchroGuides. I had gotten fit at Fleet Feet and they seemed to be a good fit. There was an excess of cushioning around the front mid sole where I impact. I am sure it is matter of time before I where that down. But back to this morning.
They were light and felt snug as I tied them up. As stepped out of the car at the MetroPark things felt good. That extra cushioning was there and kind of annoying but we shall overcome. The first few miles were uneventful. My legs felt heavy but that was about my limberness. At about mile 3 I stopped to stretch and the legs loosened up. So far so good.
On my way back I was about 4 miles back when I realized that my upper right foot was hurting. In my nervouseness about my new shoes I had tied them too tight. I was paying for it.
I found one of the hardest things to do during a run is to stop and adjust footware. I would get a boulder (the size of a large grain of sand) in my shoe on a towpath run and I would stop and remove my shoe to excavate it. Getting the shoe back on would never be quiet right. More of the same today. This time I was untieing and loosening and tieing back and repeating till it felt better. The real trick is getting the other shoe to feel the same pressure. It never works quite right.
I finished the run and most of the discomfort had subsided. This was a good 10 mile run. I am sure I will get the hang of my new friends. These pair will be with me for a while and in that time we will become closer to that point where I will feel bad when the new pair comes along.


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