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Fairmount Park 5M Turkey Trot 2007 (My last race in these shoes)

Lets start of with: My Athletic Supporter knows me well. The day was already warm when we woke up at 6AM. But as we got to the race site it was getting down right hot. With about 30 minutes before the start Jen told me to switch to my shorts. I was wearing my running pants which were designed for cold weather running. (Last years races was very cold.) She reminded me just how much I hated the past summer and would overheat real bad if I didn’t change. I did change to pair of shorts but only had long sleeve shirts with me. I am glad I had her there or I would have burnt up in the first mile.
I made a few other mistakes leading up to the race. In my tirednes from driving into Philly the night before I forgot to hydrate a little before running and also forgot to get a gel or fuel in me along with it. I am glad that candy is the food of choice while driving on long trips.

The rest of the race was fantastic. I was worried when I crossed the 1 mile mark at 8min. I knew I had gone out fast but I was not expecting to be starting that fast. This is something I need to work on in the future. I get too excited and burn out early and suffer in the later parts. As I settled into a better pace I was actually not slowing up that much. It was great. At the finish of the first loop I was was 20:40 something and was feeling pretty good. A little water at that point really helped. I knew what I had to do in the second loop and kind of put things in cruise control and finished it up in 42:17ish. Once again this is one of my favorite races of the year. I cannot wait till next year.

On another note I was just around the pace of what appeared to be a father/daughter duo. Jen tells me that the girl appeared to be 10-12 years old (Rachael[5] is so tall my calibration is off). Either way I cannot wait till that is Rae and I. She has raced some of her own little kids races but what I saw today was just fantastic.


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